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Communicating Diversity CD

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FORMAT: Audio cassette or CD

Hear from the man who gets audiences jumping to their feet in excitement, applauding the diversity message many find hard to deliver. Hear the lessons on communicating diversity from Samuel Betances. Get the answers to the questions diversity audiences often ask.

Samuel Betances is a renowned motivational keynoter and workforce diversity consultant. He has worked in all 50 states and in 17 countries and represents one of the most reasonable voices on the diversity challenge. Dr. Betances earned his Masters and Doctorate at Harvard University and taught Sociology for over 20 years. Framing his most serious of messages with humor, he speaks with passion and conviction in the tradition of great preachers.

Lessons on communicating diversity from Samuel Betances: 

  • Be passionate about your convictions. Passion persuades! 
  • Take humor seriously - it's a speaker's best friend. 
  • Don't be a single issue activist.
  • Keep the message tied to the mission/bottom line of the organization.
  • The white male: Diversity's friend or foe?
  • Do your homework: Root your message in your client's reality.
  • Speak from the heart, not from your notes.

Get answers to the questions diversity audiences often ask:

  • Why should I care about diversity?
  • How is it tied to my real job?
  • Is workforce diversity the same as Affirmative Action or Equal Opportunity?
  • I've got a lot of pressing priorities. Why should I budget for diversity?
  • Is it possible to measure diversity's impact on the bottom line?
  • How do I know when I've got a "diverse" organization? When do I know I've done enough?

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