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Complete Hurricane and Flood Plan for BusinessCD

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When a hurricane or flood threatens these are just some of the questions you need to have asked and answered:

  • How do we maintain mission-critical operations?
  • How do we protect and recover our workforce?
  • How do we protect business assets?
  • How do we recover from a catastrophic event?

The Complete Hurricane and Flood Plan for Business provides step-by-step solutions to these and other important questions. This book is an important resource for businesses that face a serious hurricane or flood threat. It includes:

  • The Hurricane and Flood Plan file features 14 defined steps (pre-, during and post-disaster periods) and a detailed analysis of applicable strategies and procedures necessary to execute a successful business recovery. A detailed plan for pre-positioning employees at remote locations with a logically planned, phased release and recall strategy is also provided.
  • For a service industry, mission-critical business operations can be maintained at an acceptable level throughout the preparation, strike and recovery periods.
  • The facilities department plan file features execution steps in 14 defined steps (pre-, during and post-disaster periods) and extensive checklists of supplies, services and building preparation & recovery steps.
  • The employee assistance plan file outlines a program to assist employees (pre-, during and post-disaster periods) and highlights key compensation issues.
  • The communications plan file addresses both internal and external contact needs.
  • A special plan for distribution to employees that provides critical personal preparation information is also included. 

The Complete Hurricane and Flood Plan for Business follows guidelines recommended by the Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII), Business Continuity Institute (BCI)Good Practices Guide and industry best practices. Plus, it includes bonus materials that add educational value such as articles and personal planning information. 

Files included with the templates are:

  1. HFP.ReadMe.doc - Introduction, Copyright and User Information
  2. HurricaneFloodPlan.doc -- The Disaster Management, Inc. Hurricane & Flood Plan (HFP) is the template that is designed to become the actual HFP for your business
  3. FacilitiesDepartmentPlan.doc - Special building protection and recovery planning for the Facilities Department
  4. EmployeeAssistancePlan.doc - A special plan to assist employees for the Human Resources Department 
  5. CommunicationsPlan.doc - A plan to maintain communications with employees, clients, news media and other interested parties
  6. ContactInformation.doc - A file to document internal and external contact information
  7. EmployeeHurricaneFloodPlan.doc - A special emergency preparation and response plan designed for use by employees
  8. BonusFiles.doc - Bonus materials: Articles, personal planning information, and other files of educational value

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