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Corporate India and HR Management

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India is a powerful force in today’s global marketplace. As the second fastest growing economy, right behind China, India is one of the largest consumer markets worldwide, with a rapidly expanding middle class in a population of more than 1.2 billion people. In recent years, with the influence of many multinational corporations in India, Western and global business values are permeating the Indian society and workplace, causing a shift in Indian human resource management (HRM). There is intense competition for talent in India’s corporate sector, and at the same time, the need to balance local and global HRM policies and practices in a country where tradition continues to play a large part in people’s lives.

Corporate India and HR Management provides both the non-Indian and Indian audiences of HR professionals and other business leaders, learning about HR in India and/or expanding into the Indian marketplace, with a better understanding about India and Indian HRM. The topics covered were selected in view of their importance in the Indian corporate landscape for people management and business strategy today.

To better understand the dramatic change occurring on the Indian management front, as well as appreciate the role of tradition and culture, this book explores human capital in India and closely examines a number of Indian corporations in a wide range of industry sectors. SHRM interviewed Indian HR executives from well established multinational corporations to Indian companies working to gain a solid foothold in a rapidly changing marketplace, each with their unique challenges to attract, develop, and retain talent.

Corporate India and HR Management presents examples of the increased strategic focus of Indian corporations by examining individual companies and hearing directly from Indian HR leaders about their respective opportunities and challenges, including key aspects that contribute to the value proposition of their organizations and core corporate foundations that give them a competitive edge.

In addition, to better understand important concepts in the background of Indian management and the workplace, the book offers a glimpse into the unique Indian environment, from demographics and socio-economic factors to cultural influences and drivers that make the Indian marketplace unique.

Table of Contents:

Foreword - Preface –

Chapter 1. Building Sustainable Leadership Competency;

Chapter 2. Talent Pipelines and Creative Career Pathways;

Chapter 3. Women in Management;

Chapter 4. Employer Brand in India: A Strategic HR Tool;

Chapter 5. Indian Human Resource Management and Talent Mindset

Appendix A: A Primer on Being Culturally Aware

Appendix B: Global Leadership Competencies Poll

Senior HR Leaders in India




From the Foreword: - Corporate India and HR Management provides useful information for a variety of audiences; those in human resources and management in India, Indian companies doing business globally, as well as those interested in or currently doing business in India. In addition, this publication provides organizations dealing with Indian companies outside of India with unique insights to optimize their relations. -- Rohini Anand, Ph.D., Senior Vice President and Global Chief Diversity Officer, Sodexo; -- Ms. Lockwood has zeroed in on the HR essentials, and the breadth of her research is impressive. Moreover, she regularly lets Indians tell their own story in their own words in these pages, which not only brings the text alive but grounds her observations and findings in everyday reality. If you need to quickly get up to speed on HR in India, this book will be the answer to your prayers. -- Craig Storti, author of Speaking of India: Bridging the Communication Gap When Working with Indians.  Corporate India and HR Management serves as a thoughtfully analyzed primer for anyone interested academically or practically in HR management in India. The most valuable aspect of the book is its deep dive into the changing face of HR management in India. -- Manjushree Badlani, Chief HR and Administrative Officer, Jhpiego

Books in Brief Summary in HR Magazine

Whether you’re already doing business in India, or would like to do business there, this book aims to expand your understanding of Indian HR practices and issues important to business in the country’s exploding economy. 

Author Nancy R. Lockwood interviews Indian HR executives and examines India’s unique business environment, the country’s international role, and the challenges and opportunities there. She looks at:

Indian businesses are growing, often hiring huge numbers of people, and even small- to medium-size enterprises may hire hundreds of people each year, Lockwood notes. Most small to medium firms hire well-educated managers whose turnover is high as they take their experience to larger firms. How can India accommodate so many new employees, handle turnover of talented workers and cope with fast-changing growth?

The book delves into research on leadership development in particular and identifies distinctively Indian leadership traits, such as focusing on innovation, addressing societal needs, and being resilient in the face of business growth and government regulation.

SHRM India talked to HR executives about how they compete for talent in an environment where everyone is hungry for talent. Interviews look at India’s major industry sectors and their unique initiatives for finding and developing talent. The idea of corporate social responsibility, a key part of Indian business culture, gets special attention.

Discussions with four Indian women professionals highlight this chapter, and Lockwood adds comments from professional men with perspectives on women in the Indian workplace. The book offers advice on how industry networks and other initiatives boost women’s roles.

Lockwood offers recommendations on doing business in India: Understand the value Indians place on personal relationships and loyalties, give employees learning and development opportunities they crave, and learn about young workers’ and leaders’ expectations.

  • Sustainable leadership.
  • Competition for talent.
  • Women in management. Lockwood reviews the cultural setting for women in the Indian workplace and notes the relatively low numbers of women who are in management. She looks at how technology, economic change, growth in the service sector and other factors are improving women’s opportunities today.
  • Employer brand. Because the fight for workers is intense, a recognizable employer brand is valuable in India. Indian employers find that “corporate social investment”—a company’s commitment to community activities—improves its ability to attract and keep employees.
  • Indian HR management. A chapter on HR trends, changes and challenges specific to India outlines the influence of education levels, the relative youth of business leaders, high mobility and broad cultural diversity.

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Name Corporate India and HR Management
SKU 61.15509
Year published 2010
Page count 120
Publisher SHRM
ISBN 9781586441975
Author SHRM
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