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Diversity Training

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Diversity Training is a book that puts a different and powerful spin on the term diversity. Traditionally, diversity education initiatives inevitably involve the catch phrase "celebrate diversity." Although the authors appreciate that approach, this book offers a fresh perspective called Conversity, defined as a process that brings people together through an active search for common ground. This book provides you will all the tools and resources you need to conduct effective diversity educational interventions in your organization. It includes guidance on how to build a case for improving diversity relations, along with ammunition to use when separating myth from fact in your diversity debate. In addition, you will find a complete guide to planning and facilitating a leadership kick-off session, with a fully scripted presentation including PowerPoint slides. The book offers four diversity modules with tips, ideas, and detailed agendas that will help you implement your diversity initiative quickly. Use this book as an aid in developing or enhancing an existing diversity program. You will find ready-to-use slides, handouts, and other materials plus a step-by-step facilitator's guide for each of the four training modules described in the book. Diversity Training includes a companion CD-ROM with ready-to-use PowerPoint slides and electronic copies of all handouts, tools and assessments.

If you do not receive a CD in this book, please download the resources at www.astd.org/DiversityTraining

Additional Info

Name Diversity Training
SKU 48.16677
Year published 2005
Page count 193
Publisher ASTD
ISBN 9781562863722
Author Susan Gray^Cris Wildermuth
Format No