Internal Investigations

Conducting workplace investigations is one of the most challenging duties that HR professionals must take on. Explore a best-practice framework for conducting internal investigations. Be confident that your organizational policies, procedures, and workplace rules enable your HR team to effectively handle any workplace allegations.

The “Detection of Deception” series is designed to enhance an interviewer’s skills in detecting deceptive behavior, evaluating veracity and managing an interviewee’s efforts to withhold truthful information. The three video-based courses provide learners with a proven framework to identify and focus on deceptive behaviors during interviews and internal investigations. To accomplish these objectives, learners are trained in the identification and assessment of both verbal and non-verbal deceptive indicators. The eLearning courses also cover the common behavioral misconceptions associated with detecting deception, as well as obstacles that must be overcome in the detection process.

Leading Internal Investigations- Corporate
Member: $349.00
Nonmember: $349.00
Leading Internal Investigations- Individual
Member: $349.00
Nonmember: $399.00
Detection of Deception- Individual
Member: $147.00
Nonmember: $163.00
Detection of Deception- Corporate
Member: $147.00
Nonmember: $147.00
Critical Interviewing- Individual
Member: $97.00
Nonmember: $108.00
Critical Interviewing- Corporate
Member: $97.00
Nonmember: $97.00
Direct Elicitation- Individual
Member: $114.00
Nonmember: $126.00