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Workplace Harassment Course (Employee Standard)

Workplace Harassment Course (Employee Standard)

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A safe and respectful workplace is a productive and happy workplace. It’s absolutely critical for organizations and employees to take ownership of words and actions to ensure inappropriate and harassing behavior is not a part of the work environment.

Workplace Harassment provides employees with the tools they need to own their workplace culture. The course provides critical definitions of harassment and sexual harassment, as well as protected categories, and provides guidance on when, where, and how harassment can take place. Employees will be challenged to identify harassment and engage in activities that will ensure they can successfully navigate complex and difficult situations. Above all, employees will be encouraged to speak up and speak out against harassment without fear of retaliation.

Better employee relations means better business. Harassment training is a critical step in building a better workplace for everyone.


Harassment Basics

Learners explore harassment fundamentals. Important information includes the following:
  • Important elements of a harassment policy
  • The definition of prohibited workplace harassment
  • The two main forms of harassment: environmental and quid pro quo
  • The definition and examples of protected characteristics


Learners consider the role technology can play when it comes to harassment. Also, learners will gain valuable guidance on avoiding harassment.

Important information includes the following:
  • Using technology inappropriately can violate policy
  • The importance of taking responsibility for conduct and thinking before acting or speaking
  • Intent does not matter when it comes to harassing behavior
  • Harassment can happen even during off-duty time or on personal devices
  • The definition and scope of sexual harassment, including further guidance on the two main types of harassment
  • Steps employees can take to lessen the impact of harassment in the workplace


Learners explore the different ways harassment can manifest—including verbal, visual, and physical. They will also examine less-obvious forms of harassment and boundary issues.

Important information includes the following:
  • Examples of verbal, written, physical, and visual harassment
  • The importance of respecting employee accommodations
  • Guidance on the line between bad manners or rudeness and prohibited harassment
  • Guidance on recognizing and reporting bullying and abusive conduct
  • Direction on discrimination and harassment based on pregnancy, childbirth, and related issues (such as lactation)

Duration: 30 minutes

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Name Workplace Harassment Course (Employee Standard)
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