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Essentials of Corporate Communications & Public Relations

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When it comes to communicating corporate information, the skills of the messenger can make or break a company's reputation in the eyes of shareholders, employees, and the media. Filled with practices, principles, and case studies, this essential guide helps HR professionals hone their skills at delivering information, managing crises, responding to queries, and more. Content Series Advisor Wendy Bliss, J.D., SPHR, has molded the books to address the business problems that are most often encountered by HR. Bliss, an expert on HR issues, is an SHRM faculty member; provides HR consulting, executive coaching and corporate training to clients nationally; and is the author of Legal, Effective References: How to Give and Get Them. "Among the top items business executives want from HR professionals are a strong understanding of business and the marketplace in which they operate. SHRM and Harvard are working to ensure that HR professionals have the resources to meet these expectations." - Sue Meisinger, SPHR, President and Chief Executive Officer of SHRM The Business Literacy for HR Professionals series was developed jointly by Harvard Business School Press and the Society for Human Resource Management to educate HR professionals at all levels in the principles, practices and processes of business management. Drawing on rich content from Harvard and SHRM, these books provide a comprehensive overview of the concepts, skills and tools that HR professionals need to be influential strategic partners in their organizations. More information available at www.shrm.org/books.Also in this series:  - The Essentials of Strategy - The Essentials of Project Management - The Essentials of Power, Influence, and Persuasion - The Essentials of Negotiation - The Essentials of Finance and Budgeting - The Essentials of Managing Change and Transition - Purchase the complete Essentials Kit and save!

Additional Info

Name Essentials of Corporate Communications & Public Relations
SKU 61.13000
Year published 2008
Page count 268
Publisher Berrett-Koehler Publishers
ISBN 9781576754351
Author Dana Gaines Robinson^James C Robinson
Format No