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Exchange Visitor Program Administration

Exchange Visitor Program Administration

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This course introduces critical skills and knowledge needed for managing a J-1 Exchange Visitor Program in compliance with federal regulations and program requirements. The course will cover how to work with the Department of State and perform common administrative tasks to keep a designated program running smoothly — all with the ultimate aim of providing exchange visitors a safe and beneficial stay in the United States. Key topics include:

  • Obligations and Accountability to the Department of State
  • Appointment of Responsible Officers and Alternate Responsible Officers
  • Annual Report
  • Re-Designation DS-3036
  • Amend Program Designation DS-3037
  • Program Audits
  • Record Retention

Note: This product is available for up to one year after the purchase date. Once the 365 days have expired, purchasers will no longer have access to the online course.

Important User Information: The sections of this course must be completed in sequence. You will not be able to move on to the next section until you have watched the previous section in its entirety. Once all sections are completed, you will be prompted to take a post-test. Upon passing the post-test you will receive your Certificate of Achievement. 

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Name Exchange Visitor Program Administration
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Customers are entitled to a 100% refund as long as:

  1. 1. a refund is requested within two business days of purchase
  2. 2. no course certificates have been issued

No refunds, full or partial, will be granted if the refund request is submitted after two business days from the date of purchase.


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