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From Workplace to Playspace

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Through case stories and comprehensive research this book makes the business case for making engagement a key part of your HR strategy. . You will discover how high-engagement organizations across sectors are transforming their high-pressure workplaces into playspace for innovating, learning and changing. Meyer shares inspiring stories and best practices of organizations that are finding fresh approaches to engagement using limited resources, while directly impacting the bottom line and strategic goals.
What’s their secret?
Each of the high-engagement organizations Meyer describes all have one thing in common: a shift in mind-set from workplace, in which the product is more important than the process, to playspace, where the lively, creative process of innovating, learning, and changing invites passionate commitment and enthusiastic participation. In playspace, people are free to take on new roles, experiment with new perspectives, and loosen their grip on tried-and-true ways of thinking and being. There is room in playspace for individuals to risk stepping out of their comfort zone, to see and be seen differently, and to make new discoveries.

 Each provocative story brings a new dimension of Meyer’s playspace model to life and is grounded in years of organizational research. From Workplace to Playspace provides new understanding of the business case for attending to the spaces we create for engagement at work, and the inspiration to bring playspace to life in their own organization.

Additional Info

Name From Workplace to Playspace
SKU 48.78033
Year published 2010
Page count 256
Publisher Wiley
ISBN 9780470467220
Author Pamela Meyer
Format No


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