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Give Your Company a Fighting Chance: An HR Guide to Understanding and Preventing Workplace Violence

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Every day, employers are faced with the daunting task of trying to anticipate and prevent workplace violence. What can employers do to prevent violence in the workplace? How do you spot the potential perpetrators—the jilted spouse, the angry fired employee, the sullen third-shift worker, the quiet drug abuser—all of whom can be found in most workplaces? Once a potential problem has been recognized, what should be done?

In addition to every employer's basic desire to keep their workers safe from harm, increasing legal responsibilities and government mandates make violence prevention and intervention a top priority for employers, who increasingly rely on HR professionals to handle the issues. Meaningful and legally permissible workplace policies and procedures can be created for:

* Conducting pre-employment background checks and drug tests

* Dealing with weapons in the workplace

* Addressing the impact of bullying, rankism, mobbing, and domestic violence on the workplace

* Handling dispute resolution

* Disciplining and terminating employees

* Working with local law enforcement agencies and post-incident support groups

Give Your Company a Fighting Chance will provide assistance to business leaders and HR professionals by outlining some parameters for understanding and preventing violence, for preparing for violent situations that may develop in your workplace, and for planning a response to any such incident if it does occur. Although there is no way to violence-proof any place of employment, there are means to minimize the possibility that your workplace will be the target of a violent incident.



Part I: Preventing Workplace Violence

Chapter 1. Understanding the Statistics

Chapter 2. The Use of Pre-Employment Screenings

Chapter 3. Employers’ Legal Duty to Keep Employees Safe

Chapter 4. Workplace Bullying

Chapter 5. Workplace Violence Prevention Programs and Strategies

Part II: Preparing for Violent Situations in the Workplace

Chapter 6. Categories of Workplace Violence

Chapter 7. The Changing Role of Law Enforcement

Chapter 8. Workplace Violence Programs for Small Businesses

Chapter 9. Related Legal Issues

Part III: Planning a Response to Violent Incidents in the Workplace

Chapter 10. Responding to Violence in the Workplace

Chapter 11. Post-Incident Response: Getting Back to Normal




Maria Greco Danaher is a shareholder at the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania office of Ogletree Deakins law firm. She is also an adjunct professor for the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Danaher has been named one of the “Best Lawyers in America.”

Additional Info

Name Give Your Company a Fighting Chance: An HR Guide to Understanding and Preventing Workplace Violence
SKU 61.14003
Year published 2015
Page count 140
Publisher SHRM
ISBN 9-781-58644-365-8
Author Maria Greco Danaher
Format Paperback