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Got a Minute? The 9 Lessons Every HR Professional Must Learn to Be Successful

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You’re sitting in your office, in front of the computer. Stacks of paper, files, and forms sit on your credenza, your desk, and one of the side chairs. The door to your office is slightly ajar, and anyone passing by can see that you are there. Suddenly, a gentle knock, and a head appears in the doorway. “Got a minute?” You, of course, reply, “Sure. What’s up?” So begins “Got a Minute?”, a book about the challenges, missteps, and day-today frustrations faced by human resource professionals and people managers in organizations everywhere.

Designed to help HR professionals and line managers deal with challenging employees in the workplace, this book enlists a novel approach by tying together several real-life examples of employee behavior within a broad range of circumstances such as: Substance abuse - Chronic liars - Culture clashes - Sexual issues - Invasion of privacy - Policy violations - and much more.

Following the stories in each chapter, an analysis of how the business professionals handled the situations highlights the benefits and detriments of their choices. The stories, many are funny, others are head-scratchers, and a few are even downright odd and are used as examples to illustrate the nine critical lessons of people management. These lessons form the basis of the ethical and legally defensible practices of human resource management and, if understood, will make you a better people manager. The question is: Do you know the most important lessons you need to be a successful HR professional?

Table of Contents


    Chapter 1. Accept That People Will Say (and Do) the Dumbest Things

     Chapter 2. Norms Are Important for Leading and Managing Change

     Chapter 3. Some Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

     Chapter 4. Don’t Do What Doesn’t Work

     Chapter 5. Measure Twice, Cut Once

     Chapter 6. Don’t Be Penny-Wise and Pound-Foolish

     Chapter 7. Two’s Company; Three’s a Crowd

     Chapter 8. Learn to Anticipate the Worst-Case Scenario

     Chapter 9. Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

Conclusion:  About the Authors: - Dale J. Dwyer, Ph.D., PHR, is professor of management and former chairman of the Department of Management at the University of Toledo. He teaches and conducts research in various management areas, including human resource management, planning, selection, recruitment, compensation, performance management, and HR strategy and metrics. He is the faculty adviser to the SHRM student chapter. - Sheri A. Caldwell, Ph.D.  SPHR is an HR consultant and the former vice president for human resources at Hickory Farms and director of human resources at the Toledo Zoo. She is an adjunct professor at the University of Toledo, teaching organizational dynamics; human resource management; training and evaluation; and organizational leadership. She is the co-author of Using Your Emotional Intelligence to Develop Others.

Books in Brief Summary in HR Magazine

"Using the real-world experiences of HR professionals, authors Dale J. Dwyer, PHR, and Sheri A. Caldwell, SPHR, demonstrate how HR can deal with challenging employees, managers and job candidates.

Readers of Got a Minute? learn lessons from the ways HR professionals did—or didn’t—handle situations ranging from the mundane to the simply loopy.

Enter the chronically late-and-lying worker, the boss who inadvertently insults employees by giving out $5 holiday bonuses at a party and the manager who resists documenting employee behavior. There’s even a case of an employee who explained her strange behavior by saying she was a werewolf.

Along with this wealth of HR anecdotes come specific tips for immediate use, such as:

  • What to cover in a termination meeting with an employee.
  • Steps to take if you must fire someone and remove them from the building immediately.
  • Ways to improve a random drug-testing program.
  • A template for conducting a cultural audit of your organization, to better understand how the organization looks and feels for candidates and new hires.
  • Questions to ask as you re-examine the rules in your employee handbook.
  • Ways to spot the red flags that job candidates may be trying to hide from HR.

The book touches on how emotional intelligence testing and behaviorally based interviews can uncover candidates’ real selves. A chapter on rules urges readers to reconsider whether handbooks and policies are written for lawyers or for the employees who are supposed to read them. Another section looks at errors HR professionals make, particularly when it comes to sending documents and e-mails."

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Name Got a Minute? The 9 Lessons Every HR Professional Must Learn to Be Successful
SKU 61.15011
Year published 2010
Page count 173
Publisher SHRM
ISBN 9781586441982
Author Dale J. Dwyer^Sheri A. Caldwell
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Interesting Review by Mya
Overall rating
Definitively a good read for those early in their HR career as myself. I found it to be very interesting and read the whole book in one sitting. I loved the real life examples, it made the book easy to grasp and impossible to put down. Highly recommended read. (Posted on 11/3/2012)
Very good book Review by Eva
Overall rating
Easy to read, touches on a lot of things I needed to be reminded about. (Posted on 5/31/2012)

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