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Got a Solution? HR Approaches to 5 Common and Persistent Business Problems

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Have a common and persistent work-related problem that keeps you awake at night? Are you looking for possible outside the box solutions to resolve these issues? The authors of the bestselling Got a Minute? The 9 Lessons Every HR Professional Must Learn to Be Successful have written a timely and timeless book about the five universal problems that all organizations face:

• Problems that result from an unclear or unrealistic organizational vision and from a lack of well-developed or well-implemented strategies.
• Problems that stem from changes in domestic and international competition.
• Problems directly related to dealing with federal and state laws and regulations.
• Problems that occur because of poor leadership and insufficient employee competencies.
• Problems that relate to the changing nature of society and the workforce.

The solutions to these problems can almost always be found in what managers claim to be their most important asset—their people. Unfortunately, most managers do not involve their people deeply enough in problem resolution to have a significant effect. Got a Solution? provides unique problem-solving approaches that will engage employees, resulting in lasting benefits for the entire organization.

After reading this book, business leaders, managers, and HR professionals will be better equipped to come up with workable and innovative solutions to the very problems that plague their organizations.


Chapter 1: Missing the Mark: Why Organizational Problems Don't Get Solved
Chapter 2: Does This Make Me Look Fat? Analyzing Organization-Environment Fit
Chapter 3: Common Business Problem #1: Fads, Flubs, and Failures: How Do We Keep Vision-Focused and Strategy-Directed?
Chapter 4: Common Business Problem #2: Playing to Win or Playing Not to Lose: How Do We Become More Competitive in Our Marketplace?
Chapter 5: Common Business Problem #3: Ad Quod Damnum: How Do We Deal with All the Changing Laws and Regulations?
Chapter 6: Common Business Problem #4: Extreme Makeover: How Do We Attract and Retain the Most Competent Talent?
Chapter 7: Common Business Problem #5: Future Shock: How Do We Deal with a Changing Society?
Chapter 8: Concluding Thoughts Appendix: Resources and Tips


Dale J. Dwyer, Ph.D., joined The University of Toledo faculty in 1989 and is professor of Management and former chair of the Department of Management. In 1995, Dwyer received the "University Outstanding Teaching Award," a distinction conferred only once upon a faculty member, as well as the first UT "Student Impact Award" in 2011. He publishes in management and HR management journals, and he holds board membership and offices with several professional management and HR management groups and community boards.

Sheri A. Caldwell, Ph.D., SPHR, is the HR director in the Grain Group at The Andersons and teaches undergraduate through Ph.D.-level HR courses at Lourdes University and Sullivan University. Sheri is a Certified Internet Recruiter as well as certified in EQ-I and EQ-360 for Emotional Intelligence, which is also the subject of her first book, Developing Emotional Intelligence In Others (2009) with Dr. Linda Gravett. She is also on the Board of the Employers' Association and involved with other local HR committees.

Both are also the authors of Got a Minute? The 9 Lessons Every HR Professional Must Learn to Be Successful (SHRM, 2010).

Additional Info

Name Got a Solution? HR Approaches to 5 Common and Persistent Business Problems
SKU 61.17004
Year published 2014
Page count 217
Publisher SHRM
ISBN 978-1-58644-366-5
Author Dale J. Dwyer, Ph.D.^Sheri A. Caldwell, Ph.D.
Format Paperback