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Harassment: Sex, Religion, and Beyond — Trainer's Manual for Manager Version

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This manual is designed to help facilitators present a professional harassment training session for managers and supervisors. 

The Trainer's Manual contains two parts. Part 1 includes supplemental information and materials such as sign-in sheets and evaluation forms that you may copy and utilize in the training if you wish. 

Part 2 is the Study Guide for Employees that accompanies the video Harassment: Sex, Religion and Beyond (Employee Version). The Study Guide is designed to enhance the video and provide employees with 1) a review of the definition of illegal harassment, 2) examples of behaviors that "cross the line," 3) exercises to increase their awareness of what is legal, and what is not, 4) reminders not to participate in bullying or harassing behavior, and 5) encouragement to follow company policies and speak up with any concerns they might have about the behavior of others at work.

If you are using study guides for your trainees, you may want to have them take the Pre-Test before the video is shown, and the Post-Test at the end of the training. The correct answers for these tests, with explanations, are provided in your version of the Study Guide included in the Trainer’s Manual.

It is recommended that you allow at least ten minutes for employees to complete the Post-Test and that they tear it out of their Study Guide, sign it, and turn it in as they leave the training. These Post-Tests should be retained as evidence that the employee has attended and understood the training. (If anyone's Post-Test indicates that he or she did not comprehend the training, you will need to take appropriate steps in response to that individual’s questions.)

Many employers use the training session as an opportunity to distribute and review their own policy prohibiting harassment in the workplace. If you do not have a written policy, or want to update your current one, you may wish to refer to the Sample Policy, attached in Part 1.

The Trainer’s Manual also includes an attendance sheet that will aid you in tracking attendees for each training session. The attendance sheet reflects the date, time, location and duration of the training, as well as the printed name, department or unit, and signature of each employee in attendance. If desired, a Certificate of Attendance can be prepared and distributed to each participant as evidence of their successful completion of the training. You may also want to distribute evaluation forms for feedback on the training. (Sample forms are included in Part 1.)

Background for the Trainer:

The version of the Study Guide that is included in Part 2 of the Trainer's manual contains extra content that does not appear in the trainee version of the Study Guide. This content is intended to provide additional background, expand the discussion, and assist the trainer in working through the “What Would You Do?” exercises with the group.

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Additional Info

Name Harassment: Sex, Religion, and Beyond — Trainer's Manual for Manager Version
SKU 48.29041MTM
Year published 2012
Page count No
Publisher Kantola
Author No
Format Paperback


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