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Hiring Success

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Hiring Success is a comprehensive guide for using staffing assessments to hire the best employees. Research-based, but written in easy-to-understand terms, this book explains what staffing assessments are, why they work, and how to use them.

 This book offers considerable new information on how to describe and think about assessments from the perspective of their accuracy, fairness, and operational value. It places equal balance both on how assessments are designed scientifically and how they are used by companies to guide hiring decisions. Reflecting the author's extensive experience designing and deploying staffing assessments for a wide range of companies and jobs, this book provides a non-technical audience with a thorough source of information on the scientific and operational advantages and disadvantages of different types of assessment tools and strategies.

 Hiring Success is an important resource for improving the accuracy and efficiency of hiring selection decisions and effectively incorporating assessments into any company's staffing process. It strikes a balance between the accurate yet complex discussions of assessments found in scientific research journals, and the more engaging but somewhat simplistic discussions of assessments found in many practitioner journals and assessment vendor white papers. It is written for people who are not assessment experts and who do not necessarily wish to become experts, but who want to understand why companies use staffing assessments and how to use them effectively.

Dr. Hunt clearly illustrates the critical contribution of improved employee selection methods to the achievement of strategic business goals."

-         Ann Gowdey, Manager, Assessment and Development, United Technologies Corporation, Learning and Development

"A book that is both accessible and scientifically rigorous, an excellent resource for both students and practitioners of HR."

 -         Donald Truxillo, Professor of Industrial Organizational Psychology, Portland State University, fellow, Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology (SIOP)

 "Strikes a superb and much needed balance between the complexities of assessments and the practical application and effectiveness they offer as a selection tool."

 -         Paul Riddle, Organizational and Leadership Development Manager, Southeastern Freight Lines

 "Hiring Success is a must read for anyone interested in creating a hiring process that is both sound and maximally effective. An excellent reference for using assessments to achieve measurable business results."

 -         Charles Handler, Ph.D. PHR, President, Rocket-Hire Inc.

 "Full of useful nuggets, this book helps guide businesses of all kinds. . . . Ensures what you measure aligns with your business objectives and culture."

 -         Vito Romano, Director of Employee Development, Costco Inc.

 "Dr. Hunt's book is the perfect combination of decision science and management practice. If you are interested in successful hires you must read this book."

 -         Jac Fitz-enz, Ph.D., CEO, Human Capital Source

 "Hiring Success will prove to be a useful handbook and reference guide to HR professionals seeking to better understand and utilize employee selection and assessment tools."

 -         Adam Malamut, Vice President, Human Resources, Marriott International

 "It is simply a useful toolkit filled with helpful suggestions, it will make the process a lot smoother in the long-run!"

 -         Maggie Ricketts, PHR, Director, Recruitment & Administration, Luxottica Retail

A bad hire affects much more than just one job. Hire the wrong person and you "disrupt the lives" of not only that employee and his supervisor, but also co-workers, families, clients. You close off opportunities for other candidates. In the end, poor hiring damages organizations and even the economy, Steven Hunt, SPHR, chief scientist for Kronos Talent Management Division, asserts in Hiring Success.

So how can HR professionals and hiring managers ensure that the right candidates get the right jobs? Hunt urges readers to use staffing assessments - all the "methods and tools that&collect and analyze information" about candidates, from personality and ability tests, to pre-screening questionnaires, work simulations and structured interviews.

Why aren't organizations already using these tools more? Hunt believes hiring managers and staffing professionals don't understand or trust many tools. He also notes that not all tools work well - and he teaches readers how to discern which tools will work for them.

Hunt's guidance includes:

--What assessments measure and how they predict performance. Hunt explains how these tools show what candidates currently do, what they have done and what they want to do. Readers get a primer on demonstrating the financial value of assessments and making a business case that shows the return on investment for these varied tools.

--Types of assessments and the pros and cons of each. Do you need to use drug tests, physical ability tests, or personality type tests? Tests to measure integrity, or knowledge and skills; should you give candidates detailed job simulations? Hunt analyses these and other assessments.

--Help with defining job performance and relating it to assessments. Learn to define what good performance means for the job you're filling and to select assessments that best predict performance for that job.

--Concerns about staffing assessments. Hunt addresses specific criticisms, such as the concern that applicants will fake their answers to make themselves look good, or the fear that assessments are legally risky. He defends assessments' accuracy, legality and cost, and offers tips on how to tell candidates they will have to undergo tests and assessments.

--How to choose the assessments that will work best for your company. Different hiring situations call for different assessments, ranging from "highly tailored" options to simple, low-cost ones.

--How to make staffing assessments part of an overall hiring process. Get step-by-step examples of using staffing assessments in filling entry-level jobs and professional jobs.

Reprinted from the "Books in Brief" column of the September 2007 issue of HR Magazine.

Additional Info

Name Hiring Success
SKU 61.11503
Year published 2007
Page count 304
Publisher Pfeiffer
ISBN 9780787996482
Author Steven Hunt
Format No