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HR on Purpose: Developing Deliberate People Passion

Price: $23.70

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Watch Steve tell his story about how HR professionals can recognize the beauty in people.
Read Steve's reflections on how to practice the profession with intention and inspiration.
Can you be in HR for more than 30 years and still be geeked about it? The answer is -- YES you can!! HR leader and popular “Everyday People” blogger Steve Browne takes a fresh look at HR through an engaging assortment of real-life examples, insights, and epiphanies and encourages practitioners to drop the preconceptions of what HR should be and instead look to what HR could be. Read this book to rekindle your passion for a field that is vibrant and vital and touch the lives of everyone your encounter with HR on Purpose!

Additional Info

Name HR on Purpose: Developing Deliberate People Passion
SKU 61.15018
Year published 2018
Page count 152
Publisher Society For Human Resource Management
ISBN 9781586444259
Author Steve Browne
Format Paperback