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HR’s Greatest Challenge: Driving the C-Suite to Improve Employee Engagement and Retention

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Nothing HR does contributes more to productivity than improving engagement and retention. Nothing supersedes the value of getting our employees to give their best and to stay. No administrative task like making payroll, no hiring task like filling jobs quickly, no program task like renting an ice cream machine for employee appreciation week. Nothing else we do.

HR leaders know better than most that voluntary turnover is spiking and nearing its all-time high, that fewer than one-third of our employees are engaged in their work, and that executives say in survey after survey their number one concern is “talent.”

Employees stay or leave—and engage or disengage—primarily based on their relationship with their manager. And that means their direct supervisor, the one they connect with—or don’t connect with—every day. So we need our executives to manage engagement and retention instead of us. We can coach them and play critical roles, but if CFOs read the financial data and HR distributes the turnover report, retention is already second-tier.

HR’s Greatest Challenge will help HR executives

• Convince their CEOs that engagement and retention are top-tier metrics as important as sales and service.

• Replace those mysterious turnover percentages and engagement scores with dollar values that resonate with the CFO.

• Train managers to conduct stay interviews because they bring proven solutions.

• Ask leaders to forecast how long employees will stay and how many of their team will score high on the next engagement survey.

And most importantly, this book will help you solve employee engagement and retention as a business issue.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: A C-Word Lesson from China

Part I: Challenges

Chapter 1. The Dollar Values of Engagement and Retention Merit Top-5 Metric Status

Chapter 2. Two Broken Models: Why Engagement Surveys and Exit Surveys Fail

Part II: Solutions

Chapter 3. Think Like Your CEO: Drive Engagement and Retention Like You Drive Sales and Service

Chapter 4. Convert Engagement Scores and Turnover Percentages to Dollars

Chapter 5. Establish Engagement and Retention Goals for Leaders

Chapter 6. The Power of Stay Interviews

Chapter 7. Forecasting: The Lock-Down Engagement and Retention Tool

Chapter 8. Real Accountability

Chapter 9. Innovation from 10,000 Feet

Appendix A: The Best Engagement and Retention Job Description

Appendix B: How to Solve Health Care’s Unique Engagement and Retention Challenges with Doctors and Nurses

Appendix C: In 30 Words or Less … The 30 Best Finnegan Quotes




“Finnegan demystifies engagement and retention for CEOs and HR by making them business issues first.” —JOSH BERSIN, PRINCIPAL AND FOUNDER, BERSIN BY DELOITTE

About the Author:

Richard Finnegan is the CEO of C-Suite Analytics, which helps organizations engage and retain their employees. He is also the author of the bestselling The Power of Stay Interviews for Engagement and Retention (SHRM, 2012), Rethinking Retention in Good Times and Bad (Davies-Black/SHRM, 2010), The Stay Interview, A Manager’s Guide for Keeping the Best and Brightest (AMACOM, 2015).

Additional Info

Name HR’s Greatest Challenge: Driving the C-Suite to Improve Employee Engagement and Retention
SKU 61.17008
Year published 2015
Page count 212
Publisher SHRM
ISBN 978-1-58644-379-5
Author Richard P. Finnegan
Format Paperback