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Human Resource Transformation

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HR transformation is no flavor-of-the-month trend. Nor does it happen in quite the same way from one organization to the next. Instead, rechartering and realigning HR policy, practice, and competencies goes hand in hand with the unique strategic direction of each individual organization. Set against a backdrop of the external trends affecting today's workforce and workplace, this action guide to transformation offers rich insight into the various ways strategic decisions drive change, the critical part HR can play in addressing business and operational issues, and the new role of HR leadership, especially when facing the challenges of outsourcing. With data culled from the authors' 20-plus-year longitudinal study of how general managers view HR's focus and performance, Human Resource Transformation presents a system perspective for total talent management and business success, examining the key elements of culture, business environment, strategy, talent need, competencies and capabilities, capacity, and human capital and innovation. With a wealth of fresh research and dozens of in-depth case studies--from AT&T to IBM to the U.S. Navy--the authors illustrate how to move HR from the end of the business process chain to its rightful position as the strategic leader in aligning talent with organizational goals to help shape corporate strategy and competitive advantage.

Additional Info

Name Human Resource Transformation
SKU 61.16509
Year published 2008
Page count 208
Publisher SHRM/Davies-Black Publishing
ISBN 9780891062516
Author William Rothwell
Format No