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Leaving Your Leadership Legacy

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Every manager wants to to be remembered in a positive way. Many realize that all too soon they will leave their companies and positions. This book asks them to consider what legacy they will leave behind. Will those who take over from them be able to get things done and prosper? Or will they flounder? Does the manager rely on the force of his personality, or are the right performance systems and a culture of accountability in place to insure ongoing success? This book provides many visible and auditable systems that will create a culture of accountability and will challenge managers' thinking and ideas about how best to lead. It asks if they were to listen in on employees, would they use words like foresight, stewardship, honesty and integrity, trustworthy and genuine to describe the leadership style now in place? The proven management processes described in this book are already at work in some of the world's top performing organizations, including GlaxoSmithKline, the US Department of Defense, Harley-Davidson and Lockheed Martin. Managers are urged to cultivate specific qualities as they put into place sustainable processes that will leave a legacy they be proud of.

Additional Info

Name Leaving Your Leadership Legacy
SKU 48.51576
Year published 2007
Page count 128
Publisher Oaklea Press
ISBN 9781892538420
Author Shane A. Yount^John Pyecha^Debra Boggan^Anna Versteeg
Format Hardback