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Love It, Don't Leave It

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Given the current economic uncertainty, workers are reluctant to leave jobs, even ones they feel are not a fit. They disengage, produce less, and bide their time in quiet dissatisfaction. Love It, Don't Leave It empowers these employees to improve their job fit and find career satisfaction, all without leaving their present employer. This book couldn't be more timely. But not only is it timely, it is also timeless. Changing jobs is stressful, no matter what the economic climate. There's never any guarantee that the grass really will be greener at another job. Further, employees gradually build up "equity" in time, connection, cultural understanding, and job-specific skill - at a new workplace they would have to build up that equity all over again. Love It, Don't Leave It gives employees 26 tools for job satisfaction - practical strategies to try before contemplating resignation. Love It, Don't Leave It is from the authors of Love Em or Lose Em and uses the same straightforward, A to Z format that made the previous book a success (over 250,000 copies sold). But whereas Love 'Em or Lose 'Em targeted the nation's approximately 7 million managers, Love It, Don't Leave It targets an additional 102 million employees - an even bigger potential audience.

Additional Info

Name Love It, Don't Leave It
SKU 48.24531
Year published 2003
Page count 225
Publisher Berrett-Koehler
ISBN 9781576752500
Author Beverly L. Kaye^Sharon Jordan-Evans
Format No