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Making Diversity Work

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Litigation. Costly turnover. Lost business. Discrimination. These are the penalties workplace bias exacts from American business-penalties that companies cannot afford to pay. Calling on her 25 years of experience in the field, diversity expert Dr. Sondra Thiederman has found a way to prevent these losses by providing executives and managers with a step-by-step strategy for minimizing bias and maximizing the ability to manage diversity effectively. To that end-and ignoring the stifling rules of political correctness-Dr. Thiederman dissects the problems surrounding diversity in the workplace and offers specific, doable strategies focused on creating individual change. Using real-life examples, practical tips, and exercises, she guides readers on a journeyof self-discovery, intellectual awareness, and healing. The workplace and personal anecdotes in Making Diversity Work have been obtained from a research survey conducted by the author. Making Diversity Work outlines: How to see people more accurately and, therefore, to function more effectively and feel more comfortable in a diverse workplace
Seven steps to defeat biases
How to accurately identify biased attitudes
Tools to help confront the fears that underlie biases
Skills to communicate effectively when faced with diversity-related conflict Women or men, black or white, gay or straight, immigrant or native-born-everyone has prejudices. Making Diversity Work shifts the dialogue from blame to emphasis on the responsibility everyone shares to rid the workplace of bias. Dr. Thiederman delivers the prescription to defeat bias in the workplace in this definitive book for executives, managers, human resources professionals, and diversity practitioners.

Additional Info

Name Making Diversity Work
SKU 48.22523
Year published 2003
Page count 224
Publisher Kaplan Business
ISBN 9780793177639
Author Sondra Thiederman
Format No