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Management Courage: Having the Heart of a Lion

Price: $19.95

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Margaret Morford - America's fastest-rising management strategist - has a no-nonsense message for managers everywhere: In today's fiercely competitive marketplace, you simply cannot afford to be the wishy-washy, "play it safe" manager of yesteryear. Why not? Because managing like that will earn you two rewards: Your best employees hitting the Exit door doing 95 mph and your bottom-line sinking like a stone. Dismissing today's burned-out management theories, Margaret reveals the ultimate 6-step management makeover - Management Courage. In seven profoundly eye-opening chapters, Margaret shows why this unorthodox, revolutionary strategy must be embraced now by every manager and employer wishing to win the impassioned devotion of their employees.

Additional Info

Name Management Courage: Having the Heart of a Lion
SKU 48.28076
Year published 2006
Page count 116
Publisher The HR Edge
ISBN 9781583850893
Author Margaret Morford
Format Hardcover