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Managing Across Cultures

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For every manager across the globe - a must-have collection of cross-cultural business tools that make a world of difference in today's market With the increase of new global clients, customers, and suppliers and the advent of collaborative software and global teams, more businesses than ever are interacting with cultures around the world.

This essential guide offers a complete course in the business styles unique to each culture. Filled with need-to-know advice and practical tips, this book shows businesspeople how to recognize and interpret seven universal behaviors - and adapt their own style for worldwide success.

Table of contents

PART 1: Cultural Wisdom
1. Why Becoming CultureWise is More Important than Ever Before for Business Success

PART 2: What is Culture and What is Personal Style?
2. What is Culture? Understanding the CW Cultural Dimension and Your Personal Style
3. Hierarchy
4. Formality
5. Group Dependence
6. Relationships/Connections
7. Communication Styles
8. Time Orientation
9. Control
10. Motivation Work/Life Balance

PART 3: Putting CultureWise to Work
11. Creating a Global Mindset
12. Working with Diverse Colleagues and being on a Global Team
13. Effective Leadership Across Cultures: Creating Global Strategies to Manage Culturally Diverse Workforce
14. Special Issues Women Managers Encounter
15. Becoming CultureWise on an International Assignment

Additional Info

Name Managing Across Cultures
SKU 48.25509
Year published 2009
Page count 368
Publisher McGraw-Hill
ISBN 9780071605854
Author Charlene Solomon^Michael S. Schell
Format No