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New Jersey and Federal Labor Law Poster Set with 1-Year Update Service -- English Version

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***** Mandatory New Jersey Change *****

The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development has released the new Earned Sick Leave posting that employers must display by October 29.

The posting describes how employees accrue earned sick leave, when accrual begins, acceptable reasons to use earned sick leave, and an employee's right to be free from retaliation for using earned sick leave.

NJ Poster Kit

In order to accommodate this new mandatory posting, the New Jersey poster has been turned into a two-poster kit. The child labor posting will be a separate poster, and the new earned leave posting will be added to the all-in-one poster. The New Jersey all-in-one poster will remain the same size (50x26) and the child labor poster will be 20x26.

With this update, subscribers will receive the all-in-one New Jersey poster "A" and the separate child labor poster "B". In future updates, subscribers will receive the poster that includes the mandatory change - either the all-in-one poster "A" or the child labor poster "B". If both postings have a mandatory change at the same time, subscribers will receive both posters.

SHRM is pleased to provide you the opportunity to purchase from J.J. Keller by ordering through the SHRMStore, J.J. Keller’s State and Federal Labor Law Posters. These Labor Law Posters come with J.J. Keller’s Annual Update Service that ensures you receive an updated poster if a required change occurs during your subscription period. J.J. Keller also provides a Certificate of Compliance*.

This State and Federal Poster Set includes one (1) New Jersey Poster and one (1) Federal Labor Law poster. 

New Jersey Poster (50" x 26") includes these postings:        

  • Wage and Hour Law Abstract (Minimum Wage)        
  • Relating to Payment of Wages        
  • Unemployment Compensation and Temporary Disability Benefits        
  • Discrimination in Employment        
  • Family Leave Act (FLA)        
  • Family Leave Insurance        
  • Conscientious Employee Protection Act (Whistleblower Act) - Bilingual        
  • Child Labor Law Abstract        
  • Employer Obligation to Maintain and Report Records        
  • Vacation Security & Financial Empowerment (SAFE) Act        
  • Right to Be Free of Gender Inequality

Federal Poster (20" x 26") includes these postings:

  • Minimum Wage (FLSA)  
  • Job Safety and Health "It's the Law!" (OSHA 3165)  
  • Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA)  
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Is The Law (EEO)  
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)  
  • Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)

Plus, receive revised poster(s) when a required state or federal posting is required. This state and federal Labor Law Poster set comes with JJ Keller’s 1-Year Update Service. All posters are:

  • Laminated front and back for durability and protection from being altered or defaced
  • Tabbed formatting makes information easy to find and read
  • Posting revision dates are highlighted for simple identification
  • Features QR Code to verify poster compliance status with a quick scan
  • Available in English and Spanish

*If a customer location properly displaying J.J. Keller’s most current Employment Law Posters receives a government citation for improper posting content, J.J. Keller will reimburse paid fines properly imposed under state or federal law. Requests for reimbursement must be submitted to J.J. Keller within 30 days of payment and include a copy of the citation and proof of the amount paid.

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