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Nolo's Guide to California Law: A Concise Guide to the Laws of the Golden State

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Know your rights and responsibilities on a range of issues that affect Californians every day. Whether you’re a business, a consumer, or a family, get the information you need on:

  • Consumer and employee rights
  • Landlord-tenant rules
  • Bankruptcy, divorce, workers’ comp—and more!

Don’t stay in the dark—learn how the law affects you, and how to use it.

Every California home and business will benefit from this handy reference. Nolo's Guide to California Law gives you easy to find, clear answers to questions that come up all the time, on:

  • child support
  • custody
  • consumer rights
  • employee rights
  • divorce
  • bankruptcy
  • adoption
  • jury duty
  • real estate
  • debt and credit
  • workplace rights
  • workers' comp
  • wills
  • landlords and tenants
  • serious illness
  • and much more

This established guide to California law has been completely updated and augmented on issues such as tenants caught in foreclosure, CARD Act protections for consumers, 2010 federal health care reform, estate tax rules, same-sex marriage developments, penalties for cell phone talking and texting while driving, and more!

Additional Info

Name Nolo's Guide to California Law: A Concise Guide to the Laws of the Golden State
SKU 48.43068
Year published 2011
Page count 408
Publisher NOLO
ISBN 9781413313949
Author Patricia Gima^Lisa Guerin
Format Paperback