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Pandemic Preparation and Response Plan Templates CD

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The Pandemic Preparation and response Plan Template for Business addresses both business preparation and response actions plus personal preparation advice for your employees, including:

  • How do we organize and prepare for this event? 
  • What steps do we take and when should we take them?
  • What steps can we take to protect our employees?
  • The Pandemic Plan template provides step-by-step solutions to these and other important questions.
  • Analyzes the factors that trigger actions by the business. - Evaluates the factors that determine your business risk.
  • Outlines a program to assist employees and highlights key compensation and time-off policies.
  • Examines social distance policies and personal protective equipment that may be effective for your business.
  • Includes personal infection avoidance distribution material to employees.
  • Follows guidelines recommended by the Disaster Recovery Institute International, Business Continuity Institute Good Practices Guide and industry best practices.


I. Introduction - 1. Overview

II. Plan Organization - 1. Pandemic Planning and Response Team - 2. Essential Services 

III. Pre-Event Planning - 1. Evaluating the Risk Level - 2. Task Assignments and Planning Status - 3. Social Distancing Policies - 4. Special Policies for Infected Individuals 

IV. Key Decision Factors - 1. Action Levels - 2. An Outbreak Scenario - 3. Response - 4. Mortality Rate

V. Plan Activation

VI. Plan Execution - 1. Initial Actions - 2. Full Activation - Business Remains Open - 3. Full Activation - Business Facility Closes - 4. Recovery - 5. Review

VII. Appendix A - Expected Impact

VIII. Appendix B - Personal Protective Equipment and Products

IX. Appendix C - Possible Influenza Case 

X. Appendix D - Personal Safety

XI. Appendix E - Disaster Assistance

XII. Attachment A - Contact Assistance

XIII. Attachment B - Plan Organization - 1. Business Continuity Plan (BCP) - 2. Crisis/Risk Management Plan - 3. Emergency Response

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