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Perfect Phrases for Performance Reviews, Second Edition

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Finding the right words to assess and describe your employees' performance is an important--and time consuming--exercise for any manager. Perfect Phrases for Performance Reviews provides hundreds of ready-made phrases that you can use to describe any employee's performance in 74 different skill areas. The phrases are grouped into five employee performance levels:

  • Outstanding
  • Exceeds expectations
  • Meets expectations
  • Needs improvement
  • Unacceptable

You can use these phrases to:

  • Craft a carefully worded and accurate assessment
  • Document behaviors and accomplishments
  • Specify areas of excellence or poor performance
  • Guide and develop promising workers
  • Make the entire review process more productive for yourself, your organization, and those who report to you

Complete with a step-by-step primer on how to plan, conduct, and write a performance appraisal, Perfect Phrases for Performance Reviews is an indispensable resource for managers who want to write fair, accurate reviews that help every employee become more productive.

Additional Info

Name Perfect Phrases for Performance Reviews, Second Edition
SKU 48.17042-2
Year published 2010
Page count 224
Publisher McGraw Hill
ISBN 9780071745079
Author Douglas Max^Robert Bacal
Format No