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Performance Consulting: A Strategic Process to Improve, Measure, and Sustain Organizational Results

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In America, organizations spend $175 billion in training initiatives and more than $500 billion in human resource solutions every year yet often have little to show for it. One reason is that people “jump to solutions” before they identify the causes of the problem. Performance consultants are effective because they partner with clients to clarify business goals and determine root causes for gaps between desired and current results. Only then are specific solutions agreed upon and implemented.

This third edition of the classic book that introduced performance consulting adds a wealth of new material. There are new case examples throughout and four new chapters providing detailed steps for measuring results from performance consulting initiatives on five different levels, including ROI. The book includes a never-before-published Alignment and Measurement Model, allowing you to connect organizational needs and performance consulting initiatives designed to address those needs with the appropriate level of measurement.

This remains a profoundly practical book, featuring tools, models, and checklists. It will enable you to make a difference in your organization that is valued, measurable, and sustainable.


Table of Contents

Introduction: Stop Jumping to Solutions and Make Performance Your Business!

1. Performance Consulting—the Process
2. Performance Consulting—the Mental Model and Logic

First Phase: Identify Strategic Opportunities
3. Build Client Partnerships
4. Identify Strategic Opportunities Reactively
5. Identify Strategic Opportunities Proactively

Second Phase: Assess Business and Performance Needs
6. Define the SHOULDs
7. Assess the IS
8. Identify CAUSEs and Select Solutions

Third Phase: Implement and Measure Solutions
9. Alignment and Measurement Model
10. Develop and Implement the Measurement Plan
11. Determine Return on Investment (ROI)

Fourth Phase: Report and Sustain Results
12. Report Results and Form Plans for Sustaining Results

Conclusion: Commit Now to Make Performance Your Business"

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Additional Info

Name Performance Consulting: A Strategic Process to Improve, Measure, and Sustain Organizational Results
SKU 48.73515
Year published 2015
Page count 264
Publisher Berrett-Koehler Publishers
ISBN 9781626562295
Author Dana Gaines Robinson^James C. Robinson^Jack J. Phillips^Patricia Pulliam Phillips^Dick Handshaw
Format Paperback


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