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Project Management Training

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Project Management Training offers an easy-to-use methodology for project management training that recognizes nearly everyone is a project manager. The book will show you how to minimize project management failures and reveal the secrets of how to train an organization filled with "project-oriented thinkers." These materials are included in self-contained content modules and learning experiences, tools, and training instrument that can be used to produce stand-alone project management training or training that will be incorporated into other broader training agendas. In addition, Project Management Training includes a companion CD-ROM with ready-to-use PowerPoint presentations and electronic copies of all supporting material. This book has exercises, handout, assessments, and tools to help you: Build practical project management training that will create an organization of "Project-Oriented Thinkers"
Develop Training for both individual and organizational needs
Become a more effective and efficient facilitator
Ensure Training is on target and gets results

Additional Info

Name Project Management Training
SKU 48.16667
Year published 2004
Page count 224
Publisher ASTD
ISBN 9781562863647
Author Bill Shackelford
Format No