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Quick Emotional Intelligence Activities..

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If you're managing a team, you know that emotional issues - such as lack of trust and commitment, unresolved conflicts, and the inability of individuals to understand how their actions impact others - can stop even the most promising groups from delivering great results. This book gives you powerful, proven exercises you can use to help you and your team:
  • identify individual and team mood
  • deal with anger and emotional triggers
  • avert, rather than avoid, conflict
  • encourage communication
  • overcome fear and other obstacles
  • understand and manage competition
  • honor differences
  • assess team strengths and weaknesses
  • pick up on cues from teammates
  • control the emotional climate of the team

The book follows each activity with a discussion of its purpose, how to use it, and a list of post-activity questions to help solidify each lesson.

Table of Contents



CHAPTER 1 A Guide to the 50 Activities

CHAPTER 2 What You'll See for Each Activity
Why is this Important?
How to Set the Stage
When to Use this Activity
Key Questions
A Word of Caution
Asking for Commitment

CHAPTER 3 How to Use this Book
Before the Activity
During the Activity
After the Activity

CHAPTER 4 For the Leader
Your Mindset/Role Model
Learn More
Reinforce Behaviors
Timing and Readiness
As Your Team Develops
What If

CHAPTER 5 The Activities
EQ #1 Mood Check
EQ #2 I Can Top That
EQ #3 Lead Balloons
EQ #4 When Things Go Wrong
EQ #5 Helium Balloons
EQ #6 Hair Triggers or Hot Buttons
EQ #7 Spirit Killers
EQ #8 UP
EQ #9 Strung Tight
EQ #10 Team Trophies
EQ #11 Thank You for the Gifts
EQ #12 Who Said That
EQ #13 Choir Director
EQ #14 5 Team Strengths
EQ #15 5 Team Weaknesses
EQ #16 Speak Up
EQ #17 Keep Your Eye on the Eye
EQ #18 My Dirty Dozen
EQ #19 Search Warrants
EQ #20 PFAT Self-Scan
EQ #21 PFAT Group Scan
EQ #22 People and Events in the News
EQ #23 Tuning In
EQ #24 But I Didn't Mean+
EQ #25 Trading Spaces
EQ #26 What Else?
EQ #27 Channel Surfing
EQ #28 Voices in Harmony
EQ #29 Color My World
EQ #30 And Now a Word from Our Sponsor
EQ #31 Emotional Trophies
EQ #32 Secret Admirer
EQ #33 Accomplishments Flower Garden
EQ #34 Profiles in Respect
EQ #35 Perfect Team
EQ #36 Gut Check
EQ #37 Timed Reflection
EQ #38 Best Failure
EQ #39 First Impression
EQ #40 I Think, I Feel
EQ #41 Cartoon Characters
EQ #42 Throwing Rocks
EQ #43 The Pause Button
EQ #44 The Pause Elf
EQ #45 Best Practices
EQ #46 Heroes
EQ #47 It's in the Air
EQ #48 My Mantra
EQ #49 Flying Values
EQ #50 What's Different

Additional Info

Name Quick Emotional Intelligence Activities..
SKU 48.51577
Year published 2007
Page count 192
Publisher AMACOM
ISBN 9780814408957
Author Adele B. Lynn
Format N/A


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