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Reality-Based Leadership Workshop Facilitator's Guide Set

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Based on Cy Wakeman’s popular book Reality Based Leadership, this workshop conveys her candid, humorous approach to organizational dynamics. The Reality Based Leadership model challenges traditional practices and conventional wisdoms in leadership and focuses on Five Core Competencies: reality based thinking organizational alignment capitalizing on change driving results accountability. This Facilitator's Guide provides everything a facilitator needs to take participants through the Reality Based Leadership program and prepare them to return to their workplaces equipped with the facts-based, confident approach of a Reality-Based Leader, capable of liberating and inspiring others.

Cy Wakeman, The New York Times bestselling author of The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace and Reality-Based Leadership is a dynamic, well-respected HR thought leader, national keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and trainer who helps individuals and organizations achieve stellar results in the face of challenging circumstances. Cy's background combines four successful business start-ups with 18 years working and consulting in manufacturing, banking, government, high-tech environments, and healthcare. She is also an expert blogger for Forbes and FastCompany.com.

Additional Info

Name Reality-Based Leadership Workshop Facilitator's Guide Set
SKU 48.63529SET
Year published 2014
Page count 312
Publisher Picador
ISBN 9781118599778
Author Cy Wakeman
Format No