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Reinventing Talent Management

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Featured in HR Magazine's April 2010 edition of "Books in Brief"

 Reinventing Talent Management presents a fresh and modern approach to talent management. By connecting value, strategy, and people, William Schiemann identifies three make-or-break factors  that contribute to both organizational and individual success. These three factors - Alignment, Capabilities, and Engagement (ACE) - are keys to maximizing the value contribution of your people to your most critical organizational goals.

With Schiemann's breakthrough talent framework, you'll learn to identify, develop, and retain top talent, as well as create a workforce that is aligned with your organizational strategy, delivers superior products and services to customers, and is fully engaged in meeting your goals. With real-world examples, in-depth research, and powerful diagnostic tools, Reinventing Talent Management gives you the resources to grow individual and organizational value in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Praise for the Book:

Reinventing Talent Management has arrived just in time. Given the challenging times we face today, recruiting and retaining the very best people is now more important than ever. Bill has developed a unique innovative framework on how to do this, as well as provided a broad array of practical approaches to putting the theory into action." - Keith Lawrence, Director, Human Resources, Procter & Gamble

Bill Schiemann's book is a comprehensive presentation of the need to better understand, measure, and increase organizational people equity. It clearly transforms concepts that have historically been considered less tangible into actionable imperatives. Today more than ever, it's essential that leadership maximizes alignment, capabilities, and engagement within their organizations." - Paul Schultz, President and COO, Jack in the Box Inc.

"Reinventing Talent Management is an outstanding blend of research and practice. It reports compelling research on the value of investing in talent and offers specific recommendations on how to develop people equity through alignment, capabilities, and engagement. The book confirms what good people managers do and offers specific guidelines for those wanting to upgrade their people management skills." - Dave Ulrich, coauthor, HR Competencies: Mastery at the Intersection of People and Business

"Reinventing Talent Management provides an accessible framework that offers pragmatic ways to better understand how investments in human capital and talent can be measured and linked to financial returns." - John Boudreau, coauthor, Investing in People: Financial Impact of Human Resource Initiatives

"Bill makes the case for reinventing talent management and tells us how to do it. The book is loaded with good examples and must-take actions that lead to a winning talent management strategy." - Edward E. Lawler III, author of Talent: Making People Your Competitive Advantage

Talent management certainly needs to be reinvented - this book does it! Read, learn, redo!" - Richard Beatty, Professor of Human Resource Management, Rutgers University

"This book introduces the concept of 'people equity' and shows how some employees are far more valuable than others. He also shows how to build equity and improve business performance in ways traceable to people." — Kevin Wheeler, President and Founder, Global Learning Resources, Inc.

Table of Contents :

Foreword by Susan R. Meisinger, SPHR, JD, Retired CEO, Society for Human Resource Management

Section I: Main Introduction: The People Equity Solution

Chapter 1: The Talent Challenge

Chapter 2: People Equity: What It Is and Why It Matters?

Chapter 3: How to Manage People Equity

Section II: Introduction: Measuring the Unmeasurable

Chapter 4: Measuring People Equity

Chapter 5: ACE and Resource Allocation

Section III: Introduction: Optimizing Talent

Chapter 6: Aligning Strategy, Culture and Talent

Chapter 7: Capabilities: Fuel for Growing Customer Value

Chapter 8: Getting Engaged

Section IV: Introduction: Managing the Talent Lifecycle

Chapter 9: Finding Fit

Chapter 10: First Impressions

Chapter 11: Growing Your Talent Reservoir

Chapter 12: Retaining Top Talent in Good Times and Bad

Closing Summary: Reinventing Talent Management: The Road Ahead

Appendices: People Equity Tools and Resources


About the Author

William A. Schiemann, Ph.D., is CEO of the Metrus Group, an organizational research and advisory firm that specializes in evidence-based decisions regarding organizational and functional strategy, as well as talent management. He is also on the board of directors of the SHRM Foundation.

Additional Info

Name Reinventing Talent Management
SKU 61.13506
Year published 2009
Page count 288
Publisher SHRM/Wiley
ISBN 9780470452264
Author William Schiemann
Format Hardback


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