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Repurposing HR: From a Cost Center to a Business Accelerator

Price: $31.88

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HR managers have been trained to think of themselves as cost centers, challenged at every budget cycle to cut, pare, and shrink expenses. Their staff brandish benchmarks and statistics to say how engagement affects business success, how the ratio of HR staff to employees is low, and how our turnover is too high. But with all these data, executives still roll their eyes and ask, “But what impact do you have on our bottom line?" By breaking down organizational silos and using a process to generate and foster collective thinking, HR can shift the paradigm from developing programs, policies, and processes to improving the performance and productivity of the workforce. Repurposing HR presents a RoadMap for a new way to look at human resources in terms of the multiple roles that HR plays on the business scene. It will walk through each "StopOver" on the journey, including the * purpose, objectives, knowledge, and skills required * work products * tools and resources that are useful to the practitioner. This is a compelling process for using the skills, competencies, and attributes of the HR team in a systematic and holistic way.

Additional Info

Name Repurposing HR: From a Cost Center to a Business Accelerator
SKU 61.17006
Year published 2015
Page count 220
Publisher Society For Human Resource Management
ISBN 9781586443818
Author Carol E.M. Anderson
Format Paperback