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Rewarding Performance

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Part One identifies common principles that underlie sound performance and rewards management. Chapter One sets the stage for defining these principles by describing how a human resource management strategy is derived from the organizational context and strategy. Chapter Two presents common principles for effectively managing performance. Chapter Three develops principles that should be incorporated into rewards management strategies.

Part Two explores the development and execution of "local" performance and rewards management strategies, which can be utilized for different segments of the workforce. The segments of the workforce addressed here are: Executives (Chapter Four), Sales Personnel (Chapter Five), Professionals (Chapter Six), Operating & Administrative Support Personnel (Chapter Seven), Teams (Chapter Eight) and global workforces (Chapter Nine).

Part Three addresses how programs to support the local strategies can be developed and how they can be integrated to produce alignment. Guidelines for effective implementation, administration and evaluation are presented. Chapter Ten examines some of the contextual and environmental factors that impact performance and rewards management for public sector and not-for-profit organization workforces. Chapter Eleven focuses on integrating local strategies and executing strategies through program development, implementation and administration. Chapter Twelve provides a model for strategy and program evaluation.

Books in Brief Summary from HR Magazine

"Written with HR professionals in mind, Rewarding Performance focuses on performance and rewards strategies for specific groups of employees, including executives and managers, professionals, sales personnel, teams, operating and administrative support personnel, and global workforces.

Author Robert J. Greene emphasizes customizing performance systems and rewards and ensuring that they fit well with local needs. Good fit means a rewards plan “will be viewed as equitable, competitive, appropriate and acceptable” by employees, he notes.

For instance, with professional employees, Greene looks at what makes them different from other workers, such as their knowledge-intensive work, their interdependence and project-driven jobs, and their personal focus on progressing in their fields. He examines how these traits should affect the performance and rewards systems HR helps create for these employees. The book looks at appraisal processes, salaries, variable compensation and other incentives for professionals, and discusses differences in international compensation strategies.

Greene provides an overview of principles behind rewards plans, as well as detailed strategies for different types of employees. Tools and ideas include:

  • A sample performance appraisal format for support personnel, based on the criteria most often used for those jobs.
  • A primer on pay systems for support employees, such as single rate base pay, time-based pay, merit pay programs, person-based pay (based on what the person can do, rather than what they are doing), and incentive-based pay, group incentives such as gainsharing and incentive plans based on meeting group or unit goals.
  • Details on crafting different pay packages for sales personnel, such as a variable pay only package based solely on commissions, a base pay only package, or a combination of the two.
  • A chapter on rewarding team performance. First you must understand the types of teams—process teams, project teams or task forces working on a specific job—and then you devise performance and rewards systems differently for each type.
  • Advice on structuring systems for public-sector and not-for-profit organizations, where you may not have measurements such as profits and return on investment to use when gauging performance.
  • Ideas on rewarding performance for a global workforce. Greene examines how different cultures view appraisals differently, which may mean that if an appraiser is from one culture and an employee being appraised is from another, their expectations may vary widely."

Additional Info

Name Rewarding Performance
SKU 48.63508
Year published 2010
Page count 304
Publisher Routlege
ISBN 9780415802833
Author Robert Green
Format Paperback


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