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Sexual Harassment: Training for a Harassment-Free Workplace DVD Series — Employee/Manager California Package (Spanish)

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Kantola Productions has added to their line-up of award-winning harassment programming. A series of video vignettes conveys key harassment training points, reflected through the eyes of the characters in the vignettes. This first-person perspective makes the lessons hit home, keeping it personal and connecting with viewers on an emotional level.

Filmed in multiple locations, these realistic workplace vignettes follow seven different stories:

  • Office workers recount a romantic interlude, making it hard for a coworker to concentrate on the day's work.
  • Images meant to be private are posted online as revenge after a break-up.
  • Hospital nurses are disturbed by rude comments from a snack machine vendor.
  • A new employee in a manufacturing plant gets pressured to go out with a supervisor.
  • A city government employee shows resentment to foreign coworkers.
  • Convention goers disrespect and exclude a coworker because he's not part of the group.
  • Flirtatious behavior in a restaurant kitchen makes a coworker uneasy, while her peers are clearly enjoying the banter.

Hostile environment and quid pro quo harassment are defined to viewers as they learn about protected characteristics, third-party harassment, retaliation, and other forms of abusive behavior.

Use these new programs to improve workplace decorum, foster communication and inform your staff about their responsibilities towards maintaining a harassment-free work environment.

Includes Two Versions:

  • Employee - Helps employees recognize what kind of behavior is not appropriate in the workplace and how each individual can contribute to an atmosphere that is better for everyone. Purchased seperately, the Employees Trainer's Manual - Spanish helps facilitate a program for employees. In addition, the Employees Study Guides -- Spanish also sold seperately, are for each of your employees that you will train. 

  • California Manager – Can be used as a component of a two-hour class led by a qualified trainer to meet the standards of California AB 1825, AB 2053, and SB 396. The California Managers Trainer's Manual - Spanish, purchased seperately, helps facilitators lead a 2-hour training in compliance with the AB 1825, AB 2053, and SB 396 requirements. In addition, the California Managers Study Guides- Spanish, also sold seperately, are for each of your California managers that you will train. 

Additional Info

Name Sexual Harassment: Training for a Harassment-Free Workplace DVD Series — Employee/Manager California Package (Spanish)
SKU 48.29058ECAMS
Year published 2015
Page count Employee Version: (18 Minutes); California Manager Version: (20 Minutes)
Publisher Kantola
Author No
Format DVD


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