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Social Media at Work

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Use this training video to inform workers about using social media wisely and appropriately, and avoid exposing your organization to the many pitfalls that exist online.

Social media serves many useful business purposes, but it can also expose your company to hackers, circulated rumors and PR missteps.

Employees can spend hours each workday on non-business related websites—often unaware just how much productive time they're wasting. And online posts can severely impact your business, while creating workplace friction and potentially violating policy. 

This social media video will help your employees avoid the dangers of potential harassment claims, computer viruses, and the possible release of confidential data. Its lighthearted approach will connect and help to sensitize them to the problem of spending too much company time on social media.  

Engaging scenes filmed from a number of industries use the following stories to get your message across:

  • A worker opens an email attachment, allowing a virus to infiltrate the network.
  • Behind-the-scenes photos posted to a blog tarnish a restaurant’s reputation.
  • In-office tension gets aired out on social media, creating a rift among coworkers.
  • Romantic interest is inappropriately pursued via text messages.
  • A competitor acquires trade secrets that are released before a new product launch.
  • An online video gamer neglects his duties, unfairly creating additional work for coworkers.

Sure. Our workplaces rely on technology. But it needs to be used wisely and appropriately. Use this engaging program to remind employees of the boundaries between work time and personal time, while getting out an important message about protecting your organization's assets and reputation.

Additional Info

Name Social Media at Work
SKU 48.29059
Year published 2015
Page count 14 Minutes
Publisher Kantola
Author No
Format DVD


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