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Spitting Fire: Your Guide to Reignite and Maintain Your Passion at Home, Work and Beyond

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144 Pages to Take You from Burnout to Spitting Fire

What if you could design the life you’ve always wanted?

Figure out the job you are meant for?

Prioritize yourself and your most important relationships?

Lauren LeMunyan can help with that.

She wrote Spitting Fire because she was tapped at a young age as a spitfire. At times her enthusiasm and energy were just too much for people. But that didn’t work for her.

So she did what each of us can do, she redefined it and in turn redefined herself.

SpitFire (noun)

Someone emotionally and spiritually strong who is free to say and do what they want. Someone who is full of power and passion and exudes and inspires confidence. 

Lauren is a Certified Business and Life Coach, who is also known as The SpitFire Coach – catching the theme here?

But this is just another self-help book, right?  Well, here’s the kicker, Lauren wrote the book after she did it for herself and worked with hundreds of professional clients working through the same issues.

Using the elements of fire (see?), Lauren weaves her personal story with her clients’ experiences to highlight the three key areas that inspire us to get fired up and become the SpitFire we were always meant to be.

She helps you go from the hypothetical woo woo to a person of action through stories, principles and applicable tools to change your life.It can start as a simple mindset shift and grow to a total life overhaul.

Take Lauren’s word for it. She did it.

Additional Info

Name Spitting Fire: Your Guide to Reignite and Maintain Your Passion at Home, Work and Beyond
SKU 9781722231767
Year published 2018
Page count 144
Publisher The SpitFire Coach
ISBN 9781722231767
Author Ms. Lauren R LeMunyan
Format Paperback