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Stop Bullying at Work

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An estimated 71.5 million workers report being a target or witness to workplace bullying. This kind of abusive behavior leads to American businesses losing hundreds of billions of dollars each year as a result of the loss of productivity, absenteeism, turnover, and increased medical costs due to the increased stress at work.

Stop Bullying at Work identifies the types of bullying in the workplace, explains the "players" in the bullying situation, highlights the consequences of workplace bullying, and distinguishes between the "Tough Boss" and the Workplace Bully.


Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. Introduction (Or, Why Should You Care?)

Chapter 2. What Is Workplace Bullying?

Chapter 3. The "Players" in a Bullying Situation

Chapter 4. Prevalence of the Problem

Chapter 5. Explanations for Bullying Behavior at Work

Chapter 6. Consequences of Workplace Bullying: The Damages and Costs

Chapter 7. Existing Legal and Policy Protections

Chapter 8. Legislation on the Horizon

Chapter 9. "Tough Boss" or Workplace Bully?

Chapter 10. What HR Can (and Must) Do

Chapter 11. Responding to Workplace Bullying

Chapter 12. Strategic HR Tools

Chapter 13. Where Do We Go from Here?

Appendix: So Where Do You Stand on the Issue?


About the Author: Teresa A. Daniel, J.D., Ph.D. - Employment Lawyer, HR Consultant, MBA Faculty, and Author - is the President & Owner of InsideOut HR Solutions PLLC located in Ashland, Kentucky.

“Stop Bullying at Work provides some background into what bullying is, why it happens and the business consequences of ignoring bullying behavior. I found the chapter doing a compare and contrast of ‘Tough Boss or Workplace Bully’ to be particularly interesting. There is also dedicated conversation on the topic of response. Should a person respond to bullying? If so, how can you do it effectively? And if additional measures need to be taken, how the target of bullying can survive. If your organization wants to adopt an anti-bullying policy or needs to deal with a current situation, this book can offer both insights and suggestions. If you are an individual trying to deal with a bully, it can help you understand the dynamics and assist in sorting out how you might want to respond.” -- Sharlyn Lauby, SPHR, president at ITM Group and author of HR Bartender blog

"Stop Bullying at Work astutely compels businesses to shatter the silence that shrouds bullying, to take control before it controls the company. With clear practical steps to follow, organizations can improve their own bottom line and efficiency, hold abusers accountable, and toss a life and career preserver to bullied employees." -- Gary Namie, Ph.D., Director, Workplace Bullying Institute "This informative book provides a comprehensive treatment of an issue of increasing importance in the American workplace. That workplace bullying is perfectly legal in most jurisdictions does nothing to lessen the need each of us has to understand the issue and to address it responsibly." -- Richard G. Griffith, Stoll Keenon Ogden PLLC  "Stop Bullying at Work provides concrete help to organizational professionals who need to distinguish managers who are using their authority for organizational objectives from those who misuse it for narcissistic and egotistical purposes of control by bullying co-workers and subordinates. It provides an excellent review of the systemic costs and the legal issues and constraints that HR professionals have to navigate in resolving these complex personnel issues."-- Dr. Miguel G. Guilarte, Fielding Graduate University "Dr. Daniel's spotlight on workplace bullying helps move this pervasive but long-ignored phenomenon into the public consciousness. This thought-provoking treatment of the topic will help HR professionals and lawyers identify the problem and develop policies and practices to prevent it."-- Christopher L. Slaughter, Steptoe & Johnson PLLC "Highly accessible, comprehensive, scholarly - and fascinating - Stop Bullying at Work is a must read not only for HR and legal professionals but for everyone who wants fairer and more effective workplaces." -- Riane Eisler, author of The Real Wealth of Nations: Creating a Caring Economics

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