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Strategic Staffing

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Many organizations understand the benefits of a longer-term approach to staffing: reduced turnover and hiring costs, improved efficiency and morale, and ultimately greater profits. Unfortunately, traditional approaches to strategic staffing are often more effective on paper than in the workplace.

Strategic Staffing: Second Edition shows how to identify staffing needs and opportunities through qualitative and quantitative measures, and presents several effective, nontraditional approaches to strategic staffing. Bechet includes factors as diverse as promotions, retirements, "decruiting" (the active management of staff out of an organization), termination, and even retention. Featuring full case studies and dozens of examples, the book is both enlightening and practical. And to help readers create their own staffing plans, a trove of invaluable online tools is available, including:

" PowerPoint(TM) slide presentations " Customizable Excel(TM) spreadsheets * Assessment and evaluation forms " Calculations and analyses " Sample staffing plans, and much more.

Integrating a strategic approach to staffing can result in reduced turnover and hiring costs, improved efficiency and morale, and ultimately greater profits. This book is a detailed, process-oriented guide that offers all the tools staffing professionals need.

Contents Include:

Section 1: Setting the Stage 1

1. An Overview of This Book 2

2. What Is Strategic Staffing, Anyway? 6

3. How Should You Begin? 17

Section 2: Developing the Strategic Staffing/Workforce Planning Process 21

4. Placing Strategic Staffing/Workforce Planning in a New Context 22

5. Designing Your Strategic Staffing/Workforce Planning Process 41

6. Strategic Staffing/Workforce Planning at 30,000 Feet 77

7. Defining Required Staffing Levels 85

8. Defining Staffing Requirements Where Plans Are Uncertain 112

9. A Staffing Model Example 125

10. Effective Strategic Staffing/Workforce Planning: Case Studies and Examples 141

Section 3: [ixImplementing and Supporting Your Strategic Staffing/Workforce Planning Process 165

11. Implementing Your Process Effectively 166

12. Placing Strategic Staffing/Workforce Planning Within Your Business Context 177

13. Engaging and Involving Managers in Strategic Staffing 191

14. Developing a Strategic Staffing/Workforce Planning Web Site 205

15. Supporting Strategic Staffing/Workforce Planning: HR Structure and Required Skills 214

16. Getting Started: Conducting a One-Day "Kickoff" Session 227

Section 4: Beyond Staffing Plans: Analyzing and Applying the Results


17. Using Workforce Planning to Define the Impact of Retirements on Your Workforce 240

18. Using Workforce Planning to Support Management Succession and Development Planning 247

19. "Talent Planning": The Key to Effective Talent Management 261

20. Structuring Strategic Workforce Planning to Support Common Business Initiatives 270

21. Defining Staffing Reductions in a Strategic Context 283

22. Measuring Staffing Effectiveness and Efficiency 288

23. Calculating Staffing Costs and Evaluating Staffing Options 295


A. Frequently Asked Questions 309

B. Using the Strategic Staffing Templates from the Web Site 317

C. Retrieving the Book's Computer Files 335

Additional Info

Name Strategic Staffing
SKU 61.16508
Year published 2008
Page count 336
Publisher SHRM/Amacom
ISBN 9780814409381
Author Thomas P. Bechet
Format No