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Strengths Essentials Workshop in a Box

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The Strengths Essentials "Workshop-in-a-Box" provides everything you need to deliver a 4–6-hour introductory workshop on strengths. Built around the first three segments of the acclaimed short film series Trombone Player Wanted, this fun interactive session challenges people to identify their strengths and put them to work. Who should use Strengths Essentials? The Strengths Essentials workshop is intended for people who need to learn the basics of the strengths message. It is an introductory course that should be taken by anyone who wants to learn more about how to identify personal strengths and put them to work. Anyone who purchases a Strengths Essentials Workshop-in-a-Box can deliver the workshop. The package includes all of the necessary materials for a facilitator of any experience to deliver a powerful introduction to the strengths philosophy. Facilitator materials include up to 6 hours of material. Segments that are optional are indicated for those who want to limit the time frame to 4 hours.

The Facilitator Kit includes:

  • Facilitator Guide - A manual featuring detailed instructions for preparing and
    delivering the workshop.
  • Quick Reference Cards - Compact cheat sheets outlining workshop content.
  • Trombone Player Wanted DVD - 6-part short film series featuring Marcus Buckingham sharing core Strengths concepts.
  • Strengths Wheel - Interactive tool detailing the SIGNs of a Strength.
  • Strengths Sort Card Deck - A simple tool to help people identify their specific Strengths.
  • StrengthsCampus.com - Access to an exclusive online Strengths Essentials facilitator community providing additional resources

 Each Participant Kit includes:

  • Participant Guide - A workbook with a series of activities designed to help individuals understand their Strengths.
  • Strengths Wheel - Interactive tool detailing the SIGNs of a Strength.
  • Strengths Sort Card Deck - A simple tool to help people identify their specific Strengths.

Agenda at a Glance

  •     Why Strengths? - Learn the research that demonstrates why playing to your Strengths will enable you to be your most productive.
  •     Myths & Truths - Discuss the challenges associated with implementing a Strengths-based approach and how to overcome them.
  •     Identifying Your Strengths - Explore the 4 SIGNs of a Strength and learn the process for identifying your unique Strengths.
  •     Strengths At Play - Determine the steps you will take to proactively spend more time leveraging your Strengths in your work.

 Recommended Class Size

  •     At least 6 participants, for interactive components.
  •     Best with 10-15 participants.
  •     More than 25 participants per class not recommended.

Benefits of the Strengths Essentials Approach

  •    No facilitator certification required — ideal for trainers for whom certification is not an option. 
  •    Materials created to ensure that even complete beginners can understand and apply strengths concepts. 
  •    Perfect for teams with limited time availability who cannot commit to a 2-day or full-day workshop. 
  •    Independent consultants can deliver Strengths Essentials.
  •    Flexible timing — facilitator can deliver a compact half-day format or include extra exercises for a full-day experience.

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Name Strengths Essentials Workshop in a Box
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