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The Accountability Experience Facilitator's Guide Set

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Instill a mindset for for personal accountability and responsibility for organizational results.
In organizations today, everyone is feeling the pressure to meet ever-increasing expectations with less time and money than ever before. Yet, in organizations that embrace accountability, results, retention, and morale flourish. Why? Because accountable individuals negotiate clear agreements, build strong partnerships, feel more in control of outcomes, and, as a result, are less stressed and more productive. 

The Accountability Experience Deluxe Facilitator's Guide is a detailed, step-by-step manual for planning and delivering a powerful learning experience that helps participants discover the powerful personal and organizational benefits of individual accountability through a three-step process:

  • Responsibility: Claiming ownership of a task
  • Self Empowerment: Taking personal action to complete the task
  • Accountability: Answering for the outcome

This comprehensive deluxe package includes case studies and role-play exercises, scripts for a one-day workshop (also broken out into seven modules), lecture content, models and frameworks, action planning, and instructions for using the assessment tool. The package also includes the Participant Workbook, the Accountability Self Assessment, a flash drive that contains an electronic copy of the facilitator's guide, plus a copy of the book The 85% Solution: How Personal Accountability Guarantees Success-No Nonsense, No Excuses.

Praise for The Accountability Experience

"The Accountability Experience is just what's needed for so many companies that find themselves in an all-too-common situation where deadlines are missed, commitments to team members and bosses broken and important work delayed. This program will reduce stress in the workplace at all levels."
-- Deborah Simi Eibner, president, Symmetry Coaching and Consulting

"In today's environment of nearly constant change, lack of accountability is one of the most significant barriers to organizational, career, and relationship success. The Accountability Experience explores the nature of accountability and provides the practical tools to hold ourselves and each other accountable in mutually beneficial ways."
-- Michael Milbourn, Michael Milbourn Consulting

Additional Info

Name The Accountability Experience Facilitator's Guide Set
SKU 48.63557SET
Year published No
Page count No
Publisher Pfeiffer, an imprint of Wiley
ISBN 9780470607107
Author Linda Galindo
Format No


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