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The Accountability Experience Participant Workbook

Price: $39.00

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Accountability is a hot issue in business as organizations face the toughest recession in years. Yet the notion of accountability is confused with punishment, fault, blame and guilt. Accountability expert Linda Galindo has created a program for building a mindset for personal accountability and responsibility for organizational results. The Accountability Experience training program outlines a 3-step process that leads from accepting responsibility to self-empowerment to take personal action and finally to answering for the outcome through accountability. The Participant Workbook takes the participant through the exercises to understand and master the personal accountability process.

Additional Info

Name The Accountability Experience Participant Workbook
SKU 48.63557PW
Year published 2010
Page count 80
Publisher Pfeiffer
ISBN 9780470604618
Author Linda Galindo
Format Paperback