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The Employee Experience Crash Course

The Employee Experience Crash Course

Based on Jacob’s best-selling book, The Employee Experience Advantage, where he researched 252 organizations around the world, this course breaks down how to create an organization where employees actually want to show up to work. The course focuses on culture, technology, and physical space and features dozens of short video segments, quizzes, and links to supplemental materials. Learners will be able to interact with Jacob and will receive a certificate of completion. You will learn:

You will learn:

  1. The difference between employee engagement and employee experience.
  2. Trends shaping employee experience.
  3. Why companies have had poor success with employee engagement.
  4. Why it is so important for a company to have a “reason for being” and how to create one.
  5. The 9 types of organizations and how to identify which type yours is.
  6. The ROI of investing in employee experience.
  7. The three types of moments that matter and how you can create them in your organization.
  8. The three environments that shape all employee experiences.
  9. How to design a great employee experience and get your organization to think differently
  10. Case studies and real-life examples.
  11. Much more!

Duration: 4 hours

Recertification: 4 SHRM PDCs

Price: $499



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