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The Essential Guide to Workplace Investigations: How to Handle Employee Complaints & Problems, 3rd edition

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A Great 8 of 2014!

Workplace complaints carry serious legal and financial risks to a company, so it’s essential to act fast when you receive an employee complaint. But an ineffective or poorly handled investigation can land your company in even more trouble.

The Essential Guide to Workplace Investigations shows you how to legally and successfully investigate and resolve any type of complaint or problem. It covers common workplace issues such as harassment, discrimination, workplace violence, drug and alcohol use, and employee theft.

This bestselling book guides you through the 10 steps of an effective investigation:

  • deciding whether to investigate
  • taking immediate action, if necessary
  • choosing an investigator
  • planning the investigation
  • interviewing
  • gathering evidence
  • evaluating the evidence
  • taking action
  • documenting the investigation
  • following up

What’s new in the 3rd edition:

  • Additional information on investigating if a government agency (such as the EEOC) is also involved
  • Investigation confidentiality in light of the EEOC and NLRB opinions
  • Privacy issues relating to electronic evidence if your company allows employees to use their own digital devices (BYOD)
  • Information on Supreme Court discrimination and retaliation cases
  • Update on EEOC regulations on disparate impact and “reasonable factor other than age” (RFOA) defense in age discrimination cases
  • Update on Dodd-Frank and SEC bounty program
  • Update on medical marijuana laws
  • All state charts have been updated
  • And much more!

You can download all the forms you need, including sample policies, checklists, sample documentation and resources, as well as audio interviews and scenarios (instructions are inside the book).

Additional Info

Name The Essential Guide to Workplace Investigations: How to Handle Employee Complaints & Problems, 3rd edition
SKU 61.15005-3
Year published 2013
Page count 470
Publisher SHRM/Nolo
ISBN 9781413318906
Author Lisa Guerin
Format Paperback


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