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The Hidden Language of Business

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Margaret Morford-America's fastest-rising leadership strategist and author of the best-seller "Management Courage: Having the Heart of a Lion"-returns with a provocative, cage-rattling message for business professionals everywhere: Forget those ideas about workplace "politics" being shameful, unethical, or manipulative, Margaret says. Those notions are simplistic and naïve-and can torpedo your career faster than it takes to say "pink slip." Passionately advocating for what she calls "the hidden language of business" -by which she means the positive, ethical political skills that can make or break you in the workplace-Margaret shows how to use these skills to achieve your personal best. By sharing her eye-opening-some- times jaw-dropping-personal experiences and those of others, Margaret reveals the secret political skills you need to achieve peak influence and effectiveness in your workplace...as you earn the devotion of your boss, co-workers, and clients.

Additional Info

Name The Hidden Language of Business
SKU 48.18188
Year published 2010
Page count 124
Publisher The HR Edge
ISBN 9780982814604
Author Margaret Morford
Format Hardcover