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The Leader Phrase Book: 3,000+ Powerful Phrases That Put You in Command

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The Leader Phrase Book contains more than 3,000 dynamic phrases that will enable you to prevail in virtually all of life’s important situations. You will be in command of your words and always stay ahead of the game. With this passport to success, you will begin a new game in which you are among the charismatic, the untouchable...the elite.

This easy-to-use reference book will give you a new image you can take pride in helping you to quickly reach your full leadership potential. You will have all the weapons to effectively succeed whenever vibrant, forceful language is required. It works like magic!

The Leader Phrase Book will teach you how to:

•Speak like a leader
•Master all conversations
•Attain a charismatic presence
•Gain the respect of others
•Achieve a lightning-fast rhetoric
•Find the right phrases instantly
•Argue effectively
•Be the envy of all you meet

The Leader Phrase Book is the culmination of ten years of Patrick’s personal research on how leaders communicate. It is the summation of his efforts to share one of the most invaluable skills in life: “how to put yourself in command.”

Additional Info

Name The Leader Phrase Book: 3,000+ Powerful Phrases That Put You in Command
SKU 48.63582
Year published 2012
Page count 224
Publisher Career Press
ISBN 9781601632005
Author Patrick Alain
Format Paperback