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The Leadership Challenge Workshop, Participant Workbook, Revised, 4th Edition

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Leadership is Everyone's Business. Are you ready to seize the opportunities that lead to extraordinary results? Are you ready to inspire others to dream, to encourage their active participation, and to stand beside them when the going gets tough? Are you ready to lead? More than ever our families, our organizations, our communities, our nations, our world is in need of leaders who are willing to take on difficult challenges. "The Leadership Challenge[Registered] Workshop" will prepare you to do just that - to take the initiative, to seize opportunities, to make a difference. Backed by over 25 years of original research, "The Leadership Challenge[Registered] Workshop" is a unique and intense discovery process created by bestselling authors, Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. The workshop demystifies the concept of leadership and approaches it as learnable set of behaviors. In other words, forget about job titles, forget about position or rank or work experience. Leadership is about what you do. This revised Participant Workbook has been updated for today's in-demand leader. Grounded in Kouzes and Posner's evidence-based leadership model, the colorful, interactive pages help you to uncover the deeper meanings of: As you make your way through this workbook, you will soon discover "The Leadership Challenge[Registered] Workshop" experience goes beyond the typical training session. It might even change your life. Show more Show less

Additional Info

Name The Leadership Challenge Workshop, Participant Workbook, Revised, 4th Edition
SKU 48.12537PW-4
Year published 2012
Page count 224
Publisher Pfeiffer
ISBN 9781118552827
Author James M. Kouzes^Barry Z. Posner
Format Paperback


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