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Transformational Diversity: Why and How Intercultural Competencies Can Help Organizations to Survive and Thrive

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Transformational Diversity presents a new vision of diversity that seeks to revise and transform cur­rent diversity programs through a strong infusion of an intercultural perspective with intercultural business competencies training. This new brand of diversity is taking the “old” diversity beyond race and gender, proposing the shift of focus from traditional race-gender to minorities-integration-synergy-performance issues. Many business professionals already understand that differ­ent demographic groups think and communicate differently, and these cultural differences need to be understood by all stakeholders — so that the newcomers to the workplace can be integrated sooner rather than later. Integration is not easy to achieve, but the expectant prize of an enhanced bottom line resulting from an inclusive, harmonious, and col­legial organizational culture is well worth the effort.

 The goals of Transformational Diversity are threefold.

First, it will help HR and diversity leaders who may need to reen­ergize or revisit their work in light of pressures from increasingly diverse workforce populations to develop globally minded corporate cultures.

Second, the book is aimed at all organizations, big and small, where HR professionals and business leaders are concerned with workforce talent development and productivity.

Finally, the authors believe that the success of a diversity initiative is, to a considerable degree, its ability to support the organization’s goals of growth and productivity (that is, profitability, market share, innovation, and more) and needs to embrace intercultural understanding of both global and local human capital to achieve those goals.

The new diversity presented in this book is pragmatic, practical, and productive — and also entertaining and exciting with its connection to people’s interests in their own professional growth and in putting a new set of skills to work for the good of their organizations.


Table of Contents:

 Chapter 1. Reaching Our Potential with Transformational Diversity

Chapter 2. The Essence of Transformational Diversity

Chapter 3. The Why of Transformational Diversity

Chapter 4. The What of Transformational Diversity

Chapter 5. The How of Transformational Diversity

Chapter 6. Thinking and Acting Anew — Now!






“Transformational Diversity turns the kaleidoscope to bring another way to view and address diversity in corporations. It presents an approach that focuses on inclusion rather than the more traditional differences and applies the paradigm and methodology of intercultural competency to help organizations leverage diversity as an asset. The premise of the book is that by emphasizing intercultural competencies, organizations can transform their cultures and capitalize on diversity as a business advantage . . . Aimed at a corporate audience, their focus is a pragmatic, business-oriented one that uses corporate examples, language and statistics to demonstrate the strategic case for inclusion, including contemporary issues such as social responsibility and downsizing/layoffs. For readers looking for answers to why regarding diversity and inclusion, this aspect is particularly helpful. . . .Transformational Diversity’s approach also has much relevance for organizations in other sectors of the economy such as education, health care, government and non-profit. It gives HR and Diversity professionals as well as other leaders, valuable information for strategizing about how to transform their cultures to leverage diversity for the benefit of their organizations.” -- Anita Rowe, Ph.D., Partner, Gardenswartz & Rowe and Emotional Intelligence and Diversity Institute and coauthor of Managing Diversity: A Complete Desk Reference & Planning Guide, third edition


“Transformational Diversity: Why and How Intercultural Competencies can Help Organizations to Survive and Thrive had me at the title. We all work with people who are different from us in gender, age, function, ethnicity, nationality, intellectual orientation or religious tradition. Many of us have also been involved in mergers and acquisitions that join two or more organizational cultures. We have a wealth of diverse human talent to draw upon to penetrate new markets and creatively solve problems, but how do we do so? Books like this one, a compendium of the latest thinking along with sample designs and resources, are gifts. Such compendia guide the responsible practitioner through the maze of information available on the topic, highlight for the reader what is most accurate or valuable, and ideally teach us where to turn for further learning. They help us take stock of where we are as a field, where we should be going, and the latest best practice for how to get there. This book does that in a no-nonsense, practical, and brief manner . . . This book is a rich resource, and I highly recommend it.” -- Dianne Hofner Saphiere, founder and principal, Nipporica Associates LLC, and creator of the Cultural Detective® series. The full review can be found at the Cultural Detective blog here.


"As institutions and companies struggle with global growth and cultural issues in the workplace, we have learned that our strategy for diversity and understanding needs to be changed. Transformational Diversity is both a strategy and an implementation road map of a new brand of diversity, on that is inclusive of employee populations and contributing to an organizations global preparedness. The book is not just a tool for Human Resources (HR) professionals, but should be a tool for all managers and senior managers. Management, as a whole, should have an understanding of working with an increasingly diverse workforce population and be able to use the road map, with the guidance of HR, to better manage their teams. Transformational Diversity is a must have for any company that does or wants to have a global workforce." -- Connextions Magazine

“As companies pay increasingly more attention to how they operate globally, more perspective is needed regarding the cross cultural dimension. Transformational Diversity adds greatly to the discussion concerning how those interested in diversity and inclusiveness on a global level can maximize their efficacy. It would be remiss for D & I professionals not to read this important work.” — Philip Berry, President, Philip Berry Associates LLC; former Senior Vice President, Global Workplace Initiatives, Colgate Palmolive

“Diversity and intercultural expertise have been uneasy bedfellows for many years now: diversity running from the passion for fairness and justice to being marketed as good for corporate ROI; the intercultural flip-flopping from research and ivory tower model building to tip sheets on dealing with ‘foreigners.’ Transformational Diversity not only brings underlying causes of this discomfiting relationship into the light of day, but demands that we look at how we do both disciplines if they are to enter a mutually enriching relationship rather than a liaison of convenience.” — Dr. George F. Simons, Creator of Diversophy® and Member, Board of Directors, Society for Diversity Executives & Professionals

“This book is a required ‘booster shot’ for any company officer, manager, or consultant who believes their bottom line can be improved through greater productivity. The writers have developed both a 40,000 foot view of the strategic and conceptual issues concerning diversity and productivity and an on-the-ground practical and experientially based view of the issues concerned with implementing diversity concepts and productivity enhancement.” — Robert S. Nadel, former President of The Human Resources Association of NY

“Citkin and Spielman address the issue of diversity as it is today. Focusing on the evolving issues surrounding diversity, the authors help the reader to understand how the issue of diversity has changed — how globalization and a more international workforce comprised of a variety of cultures, talents, and work pedagogies have raised our understanding of diversity to a higher level, and that the way we need to address diversity has to change in order for companies to continue operating at peak effectiveness and efficiency.” — Peter W. Hayward, founder and Senior Partner of Expanding Horizons International

“We want to congratulate Lynda and Fiona for an important book that resonates with the latest thinking in the global diversity and inclusion arena. Intercultural competence allows us to bridge differences in thinking styles, viewpoints, and behaviors to act as one team and leverage the diverse strengths everyone brings to the table locally or globally. With this book, the authors introduce concepts that combine the intercultural field and diversity insights for learning and development professionals who want to create a globally inclusive organization. Transformational Diversity is a door opener for transformation.” – Jim Wall, Global Managing Director, Talent, and Chief Diversity Officer, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited

“Transformational Diversity extends traditional diversity efforts shifting the focus to inclusive leadership, putting interpersonal and intercultural business competencies on center stage—and maintaining that when tolerance-development and workplace relationships are taken care of, the  results are improvements in productivity and performance—and then ROI takes care of itself.” – Ci Ci Holloway, Managing Director, Diversity and Inclusion, Americas, UBS Investment Bank

About the Authors:

Fiona Citkin, Ph.D., is a founder and Managing Director of Expert MS Inc., an international consulting firm specializing in business-aligned Intercultural Business Competencies and Transformational Diversity setup and implementation. Along with other prominent business leaders, Dr. Citkin was selected as one of the 2012 “Champions of Diversity” by DiversityBusiness.com.

Lynda Spielman, Ph.D., GPHR, is a global HR consultant and educator on many global workforce issues and is especially experienced in implementing cultural diversity in business practices. She is retired from Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, where she directed both global mobility programs and the organization's global strategy on Multiculturalism and Inclusion. Dr. Spielman is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Intercultural Education at New York University and in International Human Resources at NYIT.

Additional Info

Name Transformational Diversity: Why and How Intercultural Competencies Can Help Organizations to Survive and Thrive
SKU 61.12507
Year published 2011
Page count 180
Publisher SHRM
ISBN 9781586442309
Author Fiona Citkin^Lynda Spielman
Format Paperback