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Unconscious Bias Workbook

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Bias resides inside all of us, whether we like it or not. Yet, many of us are reluctant to admit we harbor some bias. We have been taught that to be biased means that we are bad. Or worse, that we are bigots and discriminators. But bias is a normal part of human behavior. It helps us survive by helping us make snap decisions that can save us from danger or protect our families and livelihoods. But it can also interfere with our desire to appreciate others and be fair to all. We all strive to be aware of the judgments we make about others. But it takes practice to question your gut instincts.

This Workbook is a transformational tool that engages readers from across the entire workforce spectrum in a process of education, exploration, self-analysis, and action planning. It was created for both individual contributors and members of management teams, and is designed to accompany and support direct training in unconscious bias. However, it can also be used as a stand-alone training and development tool. The workbook provides exercises, journaling, and individual and organizational action items to ensure that learning and implementation extends well beyond the classroom setting.

The workbook is designed to:

Develop a deeper understanding of the filters that we use to view, interpret, and judge ourselves and others 

Additional Info

Name Unconscious Bias Workbook
SKU 48.98004
Year published 2011
Page count 60
Publisher Cook Ross Inc.
ISBN 9780983946205
Author Howard Ross
Format Paperback