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Workflex: The Essential Guide to Effective and Flexible Workplaces

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All across the United States, business leaders and managers—in large, midsize, and small companies, in all industries and with all kinds of workforces—are responding to the changes in the economy, the workforce, and in work itself. These changes have prompted an intense interest in making workplaces more effective and flexible in ways that benefit the employer and employee alike, such as improved employee health and turnover and greater organizational profits and productivity. The purpose of WORKFLEX is to provide the most essential information that HR leaders need to know about workplace flexibility so they can make it an effective reality in their workplaces. It includes research, legal, and experience-based perspectives and in-depth case studies of workplace flexibility as well the tools and techniques needed to translate those perspectives into action.

“What a wonderful resource you have created. Your guide is so comprehensive—sharing a tremendous amount of best practices in all industries, policies, programs, diagnostic tools and metrics, even covering compliance.” -- Lora Geiger, Director of Human Resources, TURCK Inc.

“The importance of creativity and collaboration in designing flexible work arrangements that work for the company and the employee cannot be underestimated. It makes sense that organizations have guidelines around these options, but when managers and employees take a deep breath, take a leap and take time to innovate within those guidelines, a beautiful thing can happen. Smart organizations allow for that.” -- Maureen A. Corcoran, Vice President, Health, Life & Inclusion, Prudential Financial

“This book is a treasure-trove of practical perspective and guidance that will help any company fast-forward on its flexibility journey.” -- Delta A. Emerson, Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff, Ryan, LLC

“WORKFLEX came just in time. I am always looking for ways to sustain the momentum of the flexible workplace initiative I’m leading—and this guide has become my go-to resource! This guide goes in-depth on how to implement a flexible workplace and includes advice from those who’ve been there; it’s the kind of detailed information I’ve only heard in my interviews with experts and benchmarking with other organizations. Thanks to FWI and SHRM for creating this indispensible resource and helping more companies make the flexible workplace a part of their workplace strategy.” -- Erika Wendt, PhD, Project Manager, Smart Work, Southern California Gas Company, a Sempra Energy utility

“ It is not for the bookshelf, it is for the book bag. It will answer core questions about flexibility: What? Why? Options?” -- J.T. (Ted) Childs, Jr., Principal, Ted Childs LLC

“. . .  a must have for any employer. This definitive Guide provides all that is needed to make the case for flexibility, identify best practices, understand relevant legal issues, and diagnose how and when to implement workplace flexibility.” -- Kathleen E. Christensen, PhD, Director, National Workplace Flexibility Initiative, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

WORKFLEX brings together all of the keys elements necessary to introduce flexibility into the workplace. Whether it’s case studies that show the broad business impact or the tools and forms that guide the use of flexibility, this book gives practitioners the confidence to get started. There’s no excuse to not move because you don’t know where to begin. Now you do!” -- Cali Williams Yost, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Work+Life Fit, Inc./Flex+Strategy Group

“. . . a must read for everyone who seeks to implement, measure, support or advance flexibility. This book is a game changer!” -- Carol Evans, President, Working Mother Media

“. . . provides one-stop shopping for everything that you could possibly want to know about workflex—a context for understanding the specific drivers; what successful workflex looks like in organizations of all shapes and sizes; and how to implement workflex so that it aligns with your business needs and organizational objectives. A must-read primer for HR practitioners seeking to create more flexible organizations!” -- Judi C. Casey, MSW, Director, Work and Family Researchers Network (WFRN)

“This book is extraordinary—comprehensive, data-based, but breakthrough thinking about this essential element of the effective workplace of the 21st century. It’s time to stop the senseless debates about working mothers and fathers and accept that in the real world, everybody needs work-life fit. WORKFLEX offers the vision, the business case, and practical solutions. Now let’s get on with it!” -- Betty Spence, PhD, President, National Association for Female Executives (NAFE)

“. . . an important benchmark resource for organizations, leaders, researchers, and employees.” -- John W. Boudreau, PhD, Professor of Management and Organization; Research Director, Center for Effective Organizations; Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

“. . . provides a comprehensive, yet remarkably straightforward, roadmap. From case studies to legal issues to compelling research, it’s all here, and it’s a book that will surely become essential reading for every 21st century manager, HR head and CEO.” -- Claire C. Shipman, ABC Correspondent; co-author of The New York Times best-selling Womenomics

Additional Info

Name Workflex: The Essential Guide to Effective and Flexible Workplaces
SKU 61.17002
Year published 2012
Page count 372
Publisher Families and Work Institute and SHRM
ISBN 9781586442828
Author Families and Work Institute^SHRM
Format Paperback