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Be the Exception - 7 Keys to Transformation

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The goal of Be the Exception: Your 7 Keys to Transformation by Annie Meehan is to morph the bunch of bruised and near-rotten bananas which is your life into sweet banana bread. She wants to stop the constant loop of negativity, lack, and worthlessness that runs through your mind. In its place, she asks you to transform into the individual the Universe destined you to be.

Because, early in her life, Annie felt the way you do now. Before she became a successful entrepreneur and speaker who has appeared on Oprah, Annie ran this loop in her own mind on a regular basis.

She grew up in a cycle of negativity, poverty, mental illness, and abuse which never seemed to end. One of seven children raised by a single mother, Annie had to constantly move from place to place. Sometimes, she and her siblings had to sift through dumpsters to find their next meal.

She felt abandoned and angry about her situation. Yet, even in the darkest times, Annie understood she was an exceptional individual put on this Earth for something greater. Her path to this rebirth is detailed in the chapters of Be the Exception.

Annie plants these seeds of rejuvenation through her own stories and the inspirational tales of others. Discussions about honesty, openness, health, and being gentle on yourself when things don’t go well build the ladder rungs toward personal transformation and success.

Annie knows you are stronger than your circumstances. You have the ability to be the exception. To live a truly inspirational life. Whether you're just beginning your journey or are a well-traveled veteran, Be the Exception reveals there is always room to grow into your true self.

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NameBe the Exception - 7 Keys to Transformation
AuthorAnne Meehan
Published Year2021
Book PublisherWise Ink